A Short view back to the Yahoo 360 & Yahoo Avatars

A short view back to the Yahoo 360 & Yahoo Avatars

Changes are irresistible in this dynamic world. What was popular a few years back is no more exist today and what is popular today may not be available after some years. The cycle of transformation always keeps rolling out. Especially, when we talk about the present largest brand of social media, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, Pinterest come to the mind. Similarly, when we look back a decade ago Yahoo 360 was one of the most popular social media platforms. And avatar was an additional feature that spiced up the benefits and usefulness of Yahoo’s. Today, the blog post is on the rise at a record level and has taken the shape of online business too. Behind the innovative and revolutionary growth of the blog posting trend, Yahoo 360 contributed a lot. Even though the new more effective and versatile social media platforms have come, the charm and captivating memories linked with Yahoo 360 and Yahoo Avatars would not be forgotten ever. 


What was Yahoo 360 & Yahoo Avatar?

Almost 14 years back, in March 2005, Yahoo 360 was introduced. When it was launched no one had thought that it would transform all the dimensions of the blog posting. Due to the fast, secure, and reliable features of this site, it gained a ton of appreciation at the global level. As it was simple to use and easy to manage, it gained a huge database of the happy and satisfy the customer. Basically, it was a prominent social media platform established with the aim of offering internet users to connect with their friends and associates. Likewise today’s Facebook and Instagram, the user could create a profile. In one click all the users could make friends, share messages, photos, and chat. Furthermore, It had one more exclusive advantage and that was the ability to post blogs.

On the other hand, Yahoo Avatar was famous for creating a funny profile picture. With the help of Yahoo, Avatar users could make a cartoon-like version of themselves. Ability to change hairstyle & color, facial features, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin and more was possible in a few clicks.


What Happened to Yahoo 360 & Yahoo Avatars?

According to the experts, this site was in rivalry with the MSN Space which later became Window Live Space. In the beginning, this site grew beautifully at a global level. But, amid tough competition, Yahoo 360 gradually left behind. Eventually, due to the growth of Facebook and the induction of some other social media platforms, Yahoo 360 collapsed and stops functioning in 2008. By the way, Yahoo never disclosed the exact reason for shutting down this awesome site. But, a tough competition was the main reason behind the total fall of this amazing site. With the end of Yahoo 360, the popularity of the Yahoo Avatar also started declining. As a result of the non-stop decline in the popularity of the Avatar feature, Yahoo left with no option but to shut down the Avatar feature. Finally, in 2013 Yahoo announced the shutdown of the function of Yahoo avatar.


Get assistance from Yahoo Customer care

As you are reading this post, the chances are high that you might have been a user of Yahoo 360. As you know that this platform has gone away with all the posts, blogs, pictures and messages. You are not the only one who misses all the old but good times spent with Yahoo 360. You will be glad to know that Yahoo tech support can restore the data that you have posted more than a decade ago. However, the restoration is not for sure due to the robust and sophisticated nature of the software and server programming. But, once you can have a free consultation with the experts of the Yahoo customer care. The highly trained engineers and IT professionals of Yahoo Helpdesk have best-in-class tools and cutting-edge software through which they possible can retrieve your lost and deleted data. If your concern is something different like Yahoo password recovery or anything else, just call us. Yahoo customer care has a solution to every problem.

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