How to Access Yahoo Email Messages on Outlook?

Yahoo has been offering commendable email services since last two decades or so. The inception of Yahoo mail settings for Outlook; has brought the things back in place that actually help users access emails through POP3 or IMAP.Yahoo To Outlook A few years back, Yahoo email service was more or less on the verge to get atrophied from the web world as it was engulfed in the security breach that affected more than 1 billion registered users.

“As time never stops for anyone, other competitors took a vital edge over Yahoo mail by moving along with the trend and improvising their email services. The best example is Gmail as it gave permission to their registered users in terms of accessing the inbox messages through email client Apps like Outlook or Thunderbird”.

Since then, this web portal has made significant changes to make the email services highly capable for its survival online world. Though it happened much later, users are now able to setup Yahoo Mail in Outlook by configuring the POP3 or IMAP settings.

Access Yahoo Email Messages on Outlook Free of Cost

As Yahoo had no plan to launch the POP3 or IMAP service free of cost, the action was taken on an abrupt basis for the neck-and-neck competition with rivals. This action has actually brought the Yahoo mail back in the race and since then, it decided to render this service free of cost.

Configure POP and IMAP Settings in Outlook Email Client App.

You can easily configure POP3 and IMAP settings in Outlook email client app without any tussle. But before that, understand the vital difference between these two.

Vital Difference Between POP and IMAP Settings in Outlook App

There’s a major difference in the functionality of these settings.

Yahoo mail IMAP settings; once configured properly, help in managing the emails (like sending and receiving messages) from the Outlook client App. It can help you perform the two-way sync. For example: if you send a message to the recipient through Yahoo account added in MS Outlook, you’ll find the same mail in sent folder upon accessing the email server.

The reverse is the case when you use Yahoo Mail POP settings. Upon sending the email to recipient from MS Outlook app using your Yahoo mail identity, that specific mail won’t reflect in the sent message list of the Yahoo mail.

The Process to Setup Yahoo Mail in MS Outlook App

As there is no question mark over the eligibility of Yahoo mail account to get configured in the Outlook email client App, it can be done easily using IMAP or POP settings.

The Process to Setup Yahoo Mail in MS Outlook App

As there is no question mark over the eligibility of Yahoo mail account to get configured in the Outlook email client App, it can be done easily using IMAP or POP settings.

Steps to Setup Yahoo Mail Account in Outlook App

The steps to setup Yahoo Mail in Outlook App is quite simple. You are not required to know “how to enable IMAP in Yahoo mail” as it is active by default. Same is the case with a POP account. All you need to provide the essential details during the setup of Yahoo mail in Outlook.

Here are the certain essential steps that can help you in doing so:

  • Open Outlook App by clicking the shortcut icon reflecting on the taskbar.
  • As the interface is displayed, click ‘file’ option in the menu icon.
  • Once the interface is displayed, you’ll find the ‘Add Account’ button. Just press it.
  • As the auto account setup interface, two options are seen with the radio button aside it.
    (Note: Don’t be in a so much hurry to tick the radio button next to email account at once).
  • Click the radio button next to the option “Manual Setup or additional server types”.
  • As the new interface opens up, you’ll find yet another two options.
  • Click the radio button next to the option POP or IMAP.
  • Once the new slide is displayed, provide the essential details to configure IMAP and POP settings one-by-one.
  • In case, you’re about to set up Yahoo mail with IMAP account, then proceed ahead with below-mentioned steps:
    • Enter the user information like “your name” and “email address”.
    • Enter the essential details in server information like:
      • Account Type: IMAP.
      • Incoming Mail Server:
      • Outgoing Mail Server:
    • Enter the login information like username (complete Yahoo email address) and password.
    • Tick the checkbox next to the option “remember password”.
    • Also, tick the checkbox next to the option “Require logon using secure password authentication
    • Upon providing certain information in the required space, click “More Settings” button.
    • A new dialog box opens in which three tabs are visible, “General, Outgoing server and Advanced”.
    • Click “Outgoing Server” and tick the checkbox “My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication”.
    • Underneath it, two options appear with radio button alongside it.
    • Tick the radio button next to the option “Use the same settings as my incoming mail server.
    • Now, click “Advanced” tab and enter the port details for the incoming and outgoing server
      • Incoming Mail server - 993
      • Outgoing Mail server - 465
    • Tick the checkbox next to the option “Purge items when switching folders while online”.
    • Click the ‘OK’ button to make changes effective.
  • As if you choose POP account option, make necessary changes at the following places mentioned below and rest process remains the same.
    (Note: As many users are not aware how to enable POP in Yahoo mail, no need to worry as POP3 is already enabled in the mail server.)
    • Account Type: POP3
    • Incoming mail server:
    • Outgoing Mail server:
    • In the advanced tabs, enter the port details like:
      • Incoming Mail server - 995
      • Outgoing Mail server - 465
    • Don’t forget to check the box next to the option “Leave a copy of messages on the server”.
  • Once all the details are provided in the Outlook App, the message is displayed on your screen
    “ You’re all set. We’ve all the information we need to set up your account”
  • Click the ‘Send/Receive’ tab in the Outlook App to see if messages are being received successfully from Yahoo email server upon successful setup using IMAP/POP account.

Hope, these steps can be really helpful for you; when it comes to setup of Yahoo mail in Outlook. In case any trouble occurs, Yahoo live chat support team is there for your help and assist you to get rid off troubles as well as set up email account in Outlook App.

The third-party Yahoo toll-free number is perhaps one of the best alternatives you might have, if it comes to resolving the mail related issues, that too on an immediate basis.

Need Help?

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