Access Yahoo mail in Outlook

Yahoo mail in Outlook

Nowadays using two or more than two email addresses with different email service providers have become a common practice. And when it comes to talking about excellent email service providers, Yahoo tops the list. Fast, effective, and secure services are the cornerstones of Yahoo. But, it does not mean that other email service providers are poor and not secure enough to protect users from various kinds of digital threats. After Yahoo, Outlook comes next as the best-in-class email service providers at the global level. What you may not know is that Outlook is owned by the godfather of the computer operating software, Microsoft. Therefore, it is great and a sign of being a smart person, if you are thinking about how to access Yahoo mail in Outlook. By reading this post, you will come to know the simple order of the steps that you must consider to access Yahoo mail in Outlook email application. 

To give you a crystal clear view, below are the main topics that we will discuss.


  • How to set up my Yahoo email in outlook?
  • How do I connect my Yahoo email to outlook? 
  • How do I import Yahoo Mail into outlook?


How to set up my Yahoo email in outlook?

Setting up YAhoo email in Outlook is just a matter of minutes. With some basic steps you can easily configure your Yahoo mail on the advance application like Outlook by considering these steps: 

  1. Log in to your Outlook mail account with your related Id and password. 
  2. Upon a careful look at the far-top corner, you will find a file option. Click on it. 
  3. From the drop-down menu under the file tab, select the info option and then proceed with an add the account option. 
  4. Here comes a field where you have to type your Yahoo email id only. 
  5. Now click on the connect option. 
  6. Type your Yahoo password and again select connect. 


Congrats, you are done with the process of how to access Yahoo mail in Outlook. With the above-mentioned step by step procedure, you will not have to give up your old email account or face any trouble that comes from operating two email accounts.


Note: While trying to access Yahoo mail in outlook, if you witness any error of any kind like Yahoo temporary error or Yahoo sign-in error, call directly to the technical department of Yahoo customer service.  


How do I connect my Yahoo email to outlook? 

Connecting Yahoo mail to Outlook is just a one time process. Once you add your Yahoo account to the Outlook application as we have already told you above in the column of how to access Yahoo mail in Outlook, you will always be able to have a successful login every time you try. Though you will not get confused, if by any chance, you stuck somewhere in the process of connecting your Yahoo email account to Outlook, getting in touch with the Yahoo customer service would be a praiseworthy step. 


How do I import Yahoo Mail into outlook?

After setting up a Yahoo account in an Outlook email application, another thing that you would like to do is to import all the contacts into Outlook. If this is true, find below the simple steps to import contacts from Yahoo mail to Outlook.

  1. Log in to your Outlook mail account with your Outlook id and password. 
  2. Go to the File option and select the import contacts.  
  3. Select Yahoo from the list.  
  4. Here a new login window will come to your view. Type Yahoo Id and password. 
  5. Click on the Import option that would be available in the login window just below the password field. 
  6. The process ends, but you may have to wait until the importing process is completed. 


Once you complete the process, you can start doing other things or even sign out. Actually, the importing process works in the background, so you don’t have to necessarily wait. Once the import of the contacts process finishes, from Outlook you will get a confirmation email.


Note: By any chance of matter, if your attempt to import the contacts fails, you can repeat the process or for better and faster results, you can consult with the experts of the Yahoo customer service. 


Finally, satisfaction is guaranteed by adding the Yahoo mail account in Outlook mail application. As a result of a successful configuration, you easily can operate two or more email account in Outlook mail application. For any issue related to anything about the Yahoo mail account, you can call the Yahoo customer service at +1855-429-1222.

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