All About Ads in Yahoo Email

All About Ads in Yahoo Email

Yahoo as being a dominant and top player of the email services believes in giving customer-oriented services. Yahoo strongly believes that customer satisfaction is as important as the product and customer services. The airtight adherence of Yahoo with the interest of the customers has resulted in the huge success to Yahoo. As we know that any organization needs funds to exit in the race and Yahoo is known for giving the magnificent email services; that too for free. So, the question rises how Yahoo managed to exist so far. The answer is simple through Ads in Yahoo email.

Earning through ads is the primary source of accumulating the revenue. Many giant digital companies have been working on the same modus Operandi. But, Yahoo is not a money-driven company only. In fact, Yahoo is a customer-oriented organization and driven by customer satisfaction. That’s why Yahoo gives the options of blocking the ads in its email platform.

Yahoo knows that a large number of people don’t want to see any ad in their Yahoo email account. So, any Yahoo user can block the ads by following the simple steps.

If you are fed up with the ads in Yahoo email, you must read this post to know about how to get rid of the Yahoo ads. This solution providing post will cover the following topics in brief.


  •  Why do I get ads in Yahoo email?
  •  How to block the ads in Yahoo email?
  •  How to get rid of ads in Yahoo email permanently?


Why do I get ads in Yahoo email?


Earning through ads is the way of earning funds for many digital service providers in the world including the Yahoo as well. Yahoo reflects the ads on its various platforms in a professional manner. What you may know is that Yahoo advertisements are a fully automated procedure. Based on your recent activity, Yahoo shows the relevant advertisements to the users. While showing the ads to the users, Yahoo makes sure that its users don’t feel offended. Therefore, Yahoo gives temporary and permanent solutions to get rid of the ads.


How to block the ads in Yahoo email?


If you are thinking about how to block the ads in Yahoo email? It means that you are unhappy with the appearance of the ads pop on your Yahoo screen. If this is the case with you, feel relaxed, as you always can block the inline (horizontal ads) and vertical ads in Yahoo email by following the simple steps.

  • Take the cursor to most right corner of the horizontal ad and click the down arrow.
  • Once you click on the down arrow, two options will appear: why this ad? and I don’t like this ad. Select the I don’t like this ad.
  • Now to complete the ad removal procedure you will have to select the reason from the menu. For better results, you can choose: it is not relevant or something else.
  • Select done.


Note: On the website temporarily you can hide the ads. For permanent solution, you can purchase a subscription of Yahoo Email Pro by calling at Yahoo phone number or consult with the professionals of the Yahoo customer service.  


In case if you don’t want to see the ads on the right side of the email, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Take the cursor and carefully click on the X option.
  • Now select stop seeing this ad.
  • Choose the reason why you don’t want to see the ad. Choosing not interested option would be better than anything else.


Note: On mobile, ads can not be hidden. To get rid of ads on mobile, you must call the Yahoo customer service at +1855-429-1222.


How to get rid of ads in Yahoo email permanently?


If you are feeling like the flow of ads have across the level of endurance or your professional work is adversely affecting, you have two options: buying subscription of the Yahoo email Pro or download the free ad-blocking extension or software. We recommend you to use the genuine ad-blocking extension or software. If you don’t want to be part of any issue, you must call the Yahoo customer service and get the exclusive and infallible guidelines. Yahoo’s experts are available on this Yahoo phone number +1855-429-1222.


Note: As soon as you reload the page or refresh the page, the new ad will appear. But, don’t be upset, Yahoo customer support can give you an effective solution to this problem. Call them and get solution 

Conclusion: To get rid of Yahoo ads is not a big deal. All you have to do is just be aware of the tips and tricks that we have already told you. For your information, I would like to add that, in the process of blocking the ads in Yahoo email if you get any kind of error, feel free to connect with the Yahoo associates. For instant and reliable solution to some major issues like Yahoo password recovery and recovery of Yahoo deleted email, you can call on the Yahoo phone number +1855-429-1222.

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