All about disposable Email Address in Yahoo

All about disposable Email Address in Yahoo

What could be more exasperating than first getting the flood of spam and other unimportant emails then take time to delete all of them? But, now you can put all these nuisance to rest by creating and using the disposable emails. Yes, you will be glad to know that now any Yahoo user can enjoy all the wanted online services from any less reliable online portal. As you know nowadays making customers has become vital for any business. That’s why almost all the online portals demand the users to signup on their website to enjoy their services regardless of the guaranteed security of the account and the privacy of the account holder. To get rid of all these troubles Yahoo allows its user to create the disposable email accounts in Yahoo as many as 500 nos.

If you are fed up of getting spam emails and want to prevent your account from being inundated under the heap of junk emails, you must read this post. This post will teach you how to keep your Yahoo email account intact and safe from all the spammer by creating and using disposable email address in Yahoo.


This informative post will give everyone the valuable insights by covering the main three topics:

  •     What is a disposable email address in Yahoo?
  •     How to create a disposable email address in Yahoo?
  •     How to delete the disposable email address in Yahoo?


 What is a disposable email address in Yahoo?

  As the name suggests disposable email addresses are those email addresses that you can use and throw away anytime. Disposable email addresses are used to prevent the main email address from being exposed to the service provider. Using a disposable email address is highly recommended if you don’t want to do any compromise with your privacy and email account. Saving time and space of your main email address’s  inbox is another added advantage. Disposable email address you can use for signing up for various websites, newsletters, chatting and dating application that lack credibility or you don’t trust.  


Note: To create or add more disposable accounts up to 500 you can repeat the following procedure as many times as you wish or to save time you can call to the specialized professionals of the Yahoo customer service at +1855-429-1222.


How to create a disposable email address in Yahoo?

As you already have known that using a disposable email address could be beneficial in multiple ways. So, now you must read how to create a disposable email address on Yahoo.

  1. Log in to your Yahoo email.
  2. Go to more settings and select mailboxes.
  3. Click on more icon and choose disposable email address.
  4. Select add.
  5. Now here comes an option to create your disposable email address.
  6. If you wish you can enter the sending name as well or leave it blank.
  7. Don’t forget to click save.


Note: before creating any disposable email address in Yahoo make sure that you enter the name or words you really want. Once it is created, later on, you will not be able to edit the email address. But, maybe experts of Yahoo customer service will be able to help you in such a case. You must call to the Yahoo customer service at +1855-429-1222.


How to delete the disposable email address in Yahoo?

Maybe possible after the vigorous use of your disposable email address, you would like to delete it permanently and want to make a new one. Yeah, that is a good idea, by the way. The amazing thing is that deleting the disposable email addresses is as simple as creating them. Find below how to delete the disposable email address on Yahoo.

  1. Login to Yahoo email account.
  2. Move to the setting option (gear-shaped icon).
  3. Select more setting.
  4. Click mailboxes.
  5. Choose more icon and go further with disposable email addresses.
  6. Select the address you want to edit or delete.
  7. Select the delete address option if you want to delete or select the edit option if you want to edit your information.
  8. Now click on save or confirm to apply the changes or delete the disposable email address.


Note: If you have created hundreds of disposable email addresses and want to cancel all of them, you can do so on your own. But, be informed that the representative of Yahoo customer service can do in a matter of a few minutes with one click. For instant removal of the Yahoo disposable email addresses in bulk, you can call to the Yahoo phone number at +1855-429-1222.

Conclusion: Now you can say goodbye to all those dismay and turmoil that comes to your main Yahoo email account. As you have understood the procedure of creating and deleting the disposable email addresses in Yahoo, get made one or many disposable addresses as many as you wish and keep safe your main Yahoo mail account.

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