All About Rich text Formatting in Yahoo Mail

All About Rich text Formatting in Yahoo Mail

At this point in time, competition is at the boiling level. To exist in the race is terribly difficult. Almost all business entities strive very hard to get noticed on all digital platforms. Due to the digitalization at the global level, the marketing strategy has evolved in accordance with the nature of the digital world. As a result of growing digital marketing, every day we receive multiple marketing and advertising emails from many business corporates. But, most of them fail to draw our attention and so many such emails make their way to the trash folder or spam folder. So, does it mean email campaign or email marketing is on the decline? No, the fact is that email marketing has become an important pillar of digital marketing. If you are a proud user of Yahoo, you can give a new shape and look to your email by rich text formatting tools in Yahoo mail


Thanks to the rich text formatting in Yahoo mail, as it has been proved tremendously helpful to turn a simple and plain email into a stylish and attractive email. Even more so, many experts have praised the feature of rich text formatting in Yahoo mail. Many business entities have started using Yahoo email services for their advertisement and marketing purposes.


If you also want to impress or leave an indelible impression on your email recipients, you must scroll down and read the important details.   


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  • What is rich text formatting in Yahoo mail?
  • How do I format Yahoo mail?
  • How to change Yahoo mail to rich text format?



What is rich text formatting in Yahoo mail?

Rich text formatting is actually a set of tools and options. You can use it to make your email more bright, colorful and stylish to catch the eyes of the recipients. With the help of text formatting in Yahoo, you can add images, background, emoji, hyperlink, color, attachment, and resize the fonts. Using this tool will result in getting you huge attention for sure. Reading further this post will teach you how you can format Yahoo mail in a few clicks.


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How do I format Yahoo mail?

Formatting an email in Yahoo is just a matter of one-two minutes. What you may not know is that all formatting tools and options are available in one place. Polishing and decorating a Yahoo email is totally a hassle-free. Let’s walk through the simple steps of formatting an email in Yahoo.


  1. Log-in to your email.
  2. Click on the compose option to start writing the email.
  3. Here on this page just beside the send option, you will get all the rich text formatting options in a row.
  4. First comes a paperclip figure. This option you can use to attach any file.
  5. Next GIF, it is used to add any GIF image in the email.
  6. Another option is called stationary. This option is used to edit the background.
  7. Now the fourth one is for adding emoji in your email to add the expression.
  8. Here comes a hyperlink option. Use this option to add insert a link in your email.
  9. After hyperlink, comes two options, one is for making the fonts bold (B) and second for italics (I).
  10. This option you can guess. Yes, this is to use for adding colorful fonts in your email.
  11. Last option you can use to adjust the message body of your email. It contains options for setting orientation, formations, and the position of the text body in your email. Furthermore, you can add bullets and numbers to list out the information in order.


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How to change Yahoo mail to rich text format?

Before you start thinking about using rich text format, it is recommendable that you write and prepare your message body first. Once you are done with the writing part, then think about color, size, images, and fonts. And then select the option accordingly as mentioned already in the last paragraph. If stuck somewhere in the process, don’t hesitate from taking help from experts of Yahoo customer service,


As you have understood everything about rich text formatting in Yahoo, start formatting your email. If you find any error or issue with your Yahoo account, call at Yahoo customer support phone number +1855-429-1222. And get a solution to the wide-ranging issue including Yahoo password recovery and more.

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