All About Yahoo Answers

All About Yahoo Answers

Founded on 2 March 1995, Yahoo had started its journey with the aim of giving flawless and splendid email services. As being an optimum and quality service provider, Yahoo grew beautifully and took the shape of a giant social media platform very soon. To meet the extensive and gigantic expectations of the people Yahoo introduced a wide-ranging social media platform. In a short period of time, Yahoo became popular and its social media platforms like Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Flickr, Yahoo Tumblr, Yahoo Chat and more got huge popularity. Though the Yahoo chat is no more exist, its contribution and sweet memories will always be remembered.

At this point in time among all the social media platforms of Yahoo, what has benefited the people is Yahoo Answers. As you know that knowledge can do a miracle in life. Taking a serious note of the power of knowledge, Yahoo came up with a simple but effective way of learning. Yahoo launched its most amiable and user-friendly platform for everyone; Answers.

If you are also a knowledge lover, you are welcome to read this knowledge enhancing topic. In this post, I will let you know how to draw the maximum benefits of the Yahoo Answers and reveal the simple way of asking a question and answering any questions.

What is Yahoo Answers?

Founded on 28 Jun 20005, Yahoo Answers still is a popular and prominent platform for enhancing knowledge. You may find a better social media platform for making friends, chatting, sharing images and videos. But, when it comes to finding quality and focused knowledge improving platform, believe me or not, nothing could be better than Yahoo Answers. It offers more than 25 categories to raise a question. It has more than 70 million active users. This cool platform comes in 12 different languages. Users can earn points by increasing their involvement on this site and gain huge appreciation from every corner of the world. 

How to ask questions on Yahoo Answers?

Asking a question on Yahoo Answers is quite simple. If you have any query in your mind about anything, you can take help from other people rather than bothering yourself. Scroll down to know how to ask questions on Yahoo Answers:

  • Navigate to the Yahoo homepage.
  • Click on more option and select Answers from the drop-down menu.
  • Now sign in to your Yahoo account with Yahoo credentials.
  • Now click on ask to post your question. Start your question with Why, What, Where, When and How for better results.
  • Click on additional information if you want to add more details to your question or want to add an image in reference to your question.


Note: If you face any problem with the Yahoo website or homepage, read how to fix the Yahoo website not working problem. Otherwise, call our Yahoo customer care department directly.


How to Answer a Question on Yahoo Answers?

Helping others is a good way to get the blessing of God. Whatever you may be either a student or businessman, you always can help someone with your knowledge and wisdom. To help other people all you have to do is just come to the Yahoo Answer platform and answer those questions that you know.

  • Login to your Yahoo Account and select more option from Yahoo homepage.
  • Pick up Answers from the drop-down menu.
  • Here comes a home screen of the Yahoo Answers.
  • You simply just scroll down the screen to explore more questions or select your desired category to any question to answer from the left side panel.
  • Open any question that you want to answer. Type your answer and press add photo/video or sources to add the same if you wish. Then submit to finally post the answer.
  • You will do get likes if people found your answer truly helpful. Otherwise, don’t get upset if you receive downvotes.
  • The more you write the more you will get points here and the more possibilities you will have to make easy money.


Note: You can have a free consultation with the experts of Yahoo customer care to get more points. 

Yahoo Answers Customer Care

Facing issues with posting questions, answer or have any confusion about Yahoo points is a situation when you must call Yahoo Answers customer care. Good news is that Yahoo Answers customer care is available 24 Hrs. Call our Toll-Free number for free and effective assistance.

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