Best Way To Send An Email From Yahoo

Best Way To Send An Email From Yahoo

Gone are the days when people were depended upon the letters and telephone services to share the information. In recent years, email as a means of communication has totally transformed the features and characteristics of humans’ life and businesses. In all types of the profession, the miraculous effects of the email are clearly evident to everyone. Today if you look around, you will find a large number of email service providers in the world. But, a maximum of them was not available two decades ago except one. Yes, you guessed right. Two decades ago from now Yahoo was present. Yahoo’s great services and contributions to make the world a better place will not be forgotten. With the progress of the time, Yahoo’s email and web services grew beautifully. Even today the charm and charisma of Yahoo are still intact and stunning as it was 21 years ago. The fact of the matter is that millions of youths of our generation trust and love all the social media platforms of Yahoo. As a result of the growing popularity of Yahoo among the youths, every month several hundred thousand new users create their brand new Yahoo account. And after the creation of the Yahoo email, the next question which pops up in the mind of every new user is how to send an email from Yahoo account. Second, the most frequently asked question is how to use Yahoo mail? If you have the same question in your mind, this post is for you.

Read this post to know the best way to send an email from Yahoo. However, sending an email is quite a simple thing but as being a new user, to learn the professional way of sending an email from Yahoo will be far better than learning from the mistakes. 

 How to Send an Email From Yahoo?

In everyone’s life, a day comes when he/she does something for the first time. Similarly, sending the first email is also a thing that comes sooner or later in everyone’s life. Don’t be upset, If you don’t know the best method to send an email from Yahoo, scroll down.

  • Login to your Yahoo account with your email Id and password.
  • Select compose from the top and left corner.
  • Here comes a window where you have to type the email ID of another person who you want to send an email.
  • In the next below-mentioned field, type the subject of the email like “regarding examination notes” or “Need two days leaves” or anything else according to the matter.
  • Now the wide blank area that you can see is dedicated to type and write the message and information you are intended to share. Type what you want to say.
  • Here on the bottom side, you will get a send option. Before clicking the send tab, read and check once again the email address, the subject line, and message.
  • Just beside the sent tab, there is a clip shaped icon which is actually an attachment option. Click on it if you want to attach any file.
  • Next to the clip icon comes a text formatting toolbar. Use this toolbar to enrich your message with color, fonts, bullets, similes and more.


Fix Yahoo mail compose button not working

Yahoo mail composes button not working issue may disappoint anyone. Especially, facing such issues while sending an important email can cause you to feel a huge turn-off. But, in addition to your amazement, let me tell you that with the help of the below mentioned simple steps you can easily get rid of the compose button not working issue.

  • Sign out and sign in again is the first thing that you should do to cure composing email related issues.
  •  Another considerable step is to delete the cache and cookies storage data. And for better results, it is good if you can restart your device.
  • Update your Yahoo email browser if the problem is occurring on your phone.
  • If all the above-mentioned steps failed to help you, don’t grow anxious. Feel free to call our Yahoo customer care department and let the certified IT professional to help you.



Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps will come as a great help for every new user of Yahoo. You can follow all the steps while sending your first email. You might have realized that sending an email from Yahoo is amazingly simple. But, the chances of facing any unwanted issues always exist. In the face of any challenge, don’t think you are alone. Always bear in mind that Yahoo customer support is just one call away from you to give amazing solutions.

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