Block Email Address in Yahoo

Block Email Address in Yahoo

Email stand for electronic mail. The invention of email has revolutionized the communication. Billions of people have immensely benefited from email services. A few decades ago when science and technology were at the initial level, fast and effective means of communication was needed. After a long and deep research, the first email in 1971 was sent by Ray Tomlinson. With the progress of time, technology increased dramatically in all spheres of life. Due to the incessant progress in digitalization, the internet became more accessible.Undoubtedly, email has proved as a game-changer and major breakthrough. Fast, safe, secure and free services are some milestones of email. On the other hand, in sharp contrast to the extensive benefits of email, there are some odds as well. To exit in the race under the cut-throat competition, email marketing has increased to the extreme level. Excessive spam emails or other unwanted emails have become a matter of grave concern. It has prompted millions of people to think about how to block block email address in Yahoo and unblock the same.

This article is dedicated to Yahoo customer service. Therefore, by reading this post, you will learn about the helpful ways about how to block and unblock email addresses on Yahoo.  

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  • Can I block email address in Yahoo Mail?
  • How to block email address in Yahoo Mail?
  • How to unblock an email address in Yahoo Mail?



Can I block email address in Yahoo Mail?

Yes, you will be more than happy to know that you always can block an email address in Yahoo Mail. Kindly note that Yahoo is deeply involved in the creation of a safe and secure digital platform where everyone can avail of the digital service without any hassles. Furthermore, what Yahoo believes is to safeguard the privacy of its users at the global level. In a bid to protect the privacy of all its users, Yahoo offers a smart feature to block all email addresses that cause trouble. And in the worst condition, you can report to Yahoo customer service. Otherwise, with the help of simple steps, you can easily get rid of the unwanted email and save the  storage capacity of your Yahoo email. Read further to know the simple and short stepwise procedure to block email address in Yahoo.


How to block email address in Yahoo Mail?

You are the one among millions of people if you silently desire to stop getting unwanted emails. If this is true, we urge you to stop thinking anymore and just consider the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo mail account.
  2. Choose a setting option (a gear-shaped figure on the right side).
  3. Select more setting options (available at the bottom side).
  4. Click on security and privacy.
  5. Click on add option (on the right side).
  6. Here in the field type the email address that you want to block.
  7. Now to complete the blocking process successfully, click on save.


If you want to block so many email addresses, you click on add and enter so many email addresses one by one that you want to block. Otherwise, to save time, you can ask for assistance from the Yahoo customer service by calling them at +1855-429-1222.  



How to unblock an email address in Yahoo Mail?

By chance if you have blocked someone mistakenly, you can try the following steps to unblock that email address in Yahoo Mail.

  1. Click on setting option after login.
  2. Select more settings options.
  3. Proceed with security and privacy.
  4. Here on this page (right side), you will be able to see all the blocked email addresses.
  5. Select the email address that you want to unblock.
  6. Click on the delete option.


Note: Clicking on the delete option will only delete the email address from the list of the blocked email address.  


Now as you have read all the important instructions, the time to say goodbye has come to all those mind bothering and time-wasting emails. However, we left no space for any shred of the suspect, but if you stuck somewhere in the process, feel free to call the Yahoo customer service. Yahoo customer service’s contact number is +1855-429-1222. With one call you can get the solutions to the wide-ranging problems like Yahoo password recovery and more.

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