Can’t Attach Files in Yahoo Mail? Fix Yahoo Won’t Attach Files

Can't Attach File In Yahoo

The situation of being unable to attach files to Yahoo is really common these days. As our aim is to help all Yahoo users with a wide range of problems, that’s why we came up with one more troubleshooting post which is dedicated to teaching you how to fix cannot attach file in Yahoo mail using Yahoo mail app, Google Chrome and Safari Browsers. In addition to that, we will also discuss how to attach all types of files in Yahoo emails including pictures, images, PDF files, etc.


Make sure the file size is under the limit 

Speaking of problems in uploading files in Yahoo, file size is a must. The feature of attaching and sending a file in a Yahoo email is not only free but simple, and safe also. But, one must take care of the limit. Yes, there is a limit in terms of the size of the documents that one can attach to a Yahoo mail. And that limit is 25 MB. It means, you can upload a file of up to 25 MB with your email message using the Yahoo mail app, Google Chrome, Safari browser, Internet Explorer, and many browsers. 


Why can’t I attach photos or PDF files to my Yahoo emails? You will not have to ask this question in your mind if you respect the size limit of any document before attaching a file. In case your document size is lower than the maximum permissible limit which is 24 MB but still, you are facing a “Yahoo won’t attach files” error then it is time to get more technical and check every possible reason.


Before everything else, it is important to follow the right method to attach a file to Yahoo. If you already know how to attach a file to a Yahoo email then you can compare the steps as mentioned in the following section.


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How do I attach files in Yahoo mail?


Let’s put the first thing first. You need to log in to your Yahoo mail account and then get into the “Compose” section. After that you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:


  • Now scroll all the way down and click the pin-shaped icon.
  • After that Yahoo will show you a number of options to choose the location where the document is saved.
  • Yahoo will allow you to choose any option such as share files from Google, share files from dropbox, attach files from recent emails, and attach files from a computer.
  • Once you select the document a blue horizontal bar will come to your view that will be progressing indicating the successful uploading of the documents.
  • If the process of uploading has stuck or failed then click on “three dots icon” and choose remove. After that again try to upload the files to your Yahoo mail.
  • Once the document is uploaded successfully then you should click on “Send”.  


Possible reasons for Yahoo won’t attach files error

It is not like that if your file size is lower than the prescribed limit then you will not face any attachment failure problem in Yahoo. When we attach a file to Yahoo, a number of factors work behind it. With that being said, I mean, the problem in attaching a PDF or image file to Yahoo email could be caused by a number of things. As there can be a number of reasons for Yahoo won’t attach a file, there are multiple solutions as well. Some of the common factors are mentioned below:

  • Bad and weak internet connection.
  • File is infected with a virus.
  • Yahoo mail application is not updated.
  • Yahoo mail application is not allowed to access the phone or Google where the files are saved.
  • Presence of a virus in the device or any other software is interfering with the Yahoo mail application.
  • The content of the file is malicious, objectionable, and suspicious.


Why can’t I attach a PDF file to my Yahoo email – fix it now

So, as a first step to fix Yahoo mail slow attachment upload or can’t attach a file is to take steps to strengthen internet connectivity. Always remember that poor and weak internet connections can invite countless problems apart from the problem in uploading a file to Yahoo email. If everything is fine with your internet connection but still Yahoo can’t attach a file to mail then consider the steps mentioned in the next section.


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Resolve Yahoo won’t attach file error


  • Yahoo doesn’t allow the users to send and spread bugs, malicious, and spamming links. And to make sure no such content could prevail on its platform; Yahoo has put in place an auto-scanning feature. This feature scans the file before uploading it and prevents uploading upon finding the objectionable files. So, make sure your file is neat, clean and free from any kind of objectionable materials.


  • Viruses and bugs can interfere with Yahoo mail applications and cause disruptions. Hence, scanning your device with any top-rated antivirus can do wonders to fix Yahoo won’t attach file error.


  • The latest version of Yahoo mail can be the best answer to any problems such as being unable to login, can’t send and receive emails, and can’t attach a file to Yahoo. So, without any delay, navigate to the Google Play Store or App Store and download your Yahoo mail app.


  • If you cannot attach a file in Yahoo mail using Google Chrome and Safari then the chances are high that you are using the old version of Chrome and Safari browser. Even if your Yahoo mail application is updated but the search engine browser is old then it means, you are indirectly inviting the problem of uploading files in Yahoo. I recommend you update your Chrome and Safari browser to fix the problem.


  • One most common but often forgotten mistake is not to delete the caches and cookies memories file the browsers, Yahoo mail application, caches, and cookies files regularly. Though as long as the caches and cookies are stored in a small  on your device or application you will not have any problem. But, once the size of storage increases, you might face various types of the problem including the file not attaching in Yahoo mail. So, for a hassle-free experience make sure you keep deleting the caches and cookies files from your browsers and application time and again. 


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