Is Yahoo Password Change Really Essential in Today’s World?

Change Yahoo Password

Having a strong and secure password for your email account is really a necessity these days. The same applies in the case of Yahoo. Being one of the biggest web portals, Yahoo Inc has gained a global popularity besides offering amazing search engine services. With the introduction of email services, its fame has reached a new height. But keeping email server secure from malicious activities is a challenging task.

As Yahoo email users have recently dealt with a security breach that shook the entire web world, the users have become quite cautious about their email account security. They always look to How to change Yahoo mail password on a frequent basis to avoid any kind of data loss.

In order to avoid any kind of circumstances that email users dealt with, upon security breach that happened twice last year; you are supposed to go ahead with the Yahoo change password.

Change Your Yahoo Account Password within Minutes

  1. Change Yahoo Password on desktop or mobile web browser:
  2. How to Change Yahoo Password on Mobile App?
  3. Steps to Change Yahoo Mail Password on iPhone Device
  4. Steps to Change Yahoo Mail Password on Android Smartphone or Tab
  5. Enhance Yahoo Account Security by Changing Y! Mail Settings
  6. Can I Change Yahoo Account Password without the Old Password?
  7. Need Online Help?

Things have been made quite easier for PC and mobile users; when it comes to availing Y! Mail services. In this way, there is no chance of problems getting encountered while looking forward to Yahoo password change.

Various people are seen talking “ I can’t change my Yahoo password” as many of them have no idea how to perform this task for offering Y! Mail with comprehensive security.

With no official phone support available on the web, it’s quite difficult for the email users to get immediate help at the needful. They are not able to get timely assistance and due to this, anxiety creeps up with a question “how to change Yahoo Password”.

Change Yahoo Password on Desktop or Mobile Web Browser

Please Follow the steps below to change Yahoo mail password

  • Step 1. Navigate to Yahoo account security page.
  • Step 2. Look for Change Password option and click it.
  • Step 3. Enter the login credentials to authenticate yourself as legitimate user.
  • Step 4. Type new password twice and press ‘continue’ button.
  • Step 5. Your Yahoo account password is changed successfully.

By implementing these above-mentioned steps, you can keep the Y! Email Account secure by implementing the procedure of Yahoo email password change in minutes.

How to Change Yahoo Password on Mobile App?

  1. Want to Change password on the iPhone
  2. Want to Change password on an Android

Due to lack of technical know-how and expertise, users are not able to change email Yahoo password on android or iPhone device. But nothing to bother as the step by step instructions are being enumerated below.

Steps to Change Yahoo Mail Password on iPhone Device

  • Step 1. Unlock your iPhone device and look for Yahoo App icon installed within it.
  • Step 2. Tap on the icon and launch the Yahoo dashboard on your device screen.
  • Step 3. As it gets displayed, tap on the three horizontal lines to open the sidebar.
  • Step 4. Now scroll the screen upwards and look for Account info option.
  • Step 5. Once done, the slide appears from the left of the device screen.
  • Step 6. Tap on Account security option.
  • Step 7. You will find the option ‘Change Password’. Just Tap on it.
  • Step 8. As the new slide opens, you are asked to enter the new password twice.
  • Step 9. Press the continue button to make changes effective.

Steps to Change Yahoo Mail Password on Android Smartphone or Tab

  • Step 1. Tap Menu icon as seen in the top left side of device screen
  • Step 2. Navigate to account info and tap the same.
  • Step 3. Look for security settings and tap it.
  • Step 4. Type the Yahoo account password using keypad.
  • Step 5. Just tap the ‘Change password’ option that comes upfront.
  • Step 6. Tap the option ‘I would rather change my password’.
  • Step 7. Enter the new password twice and tap ‘continue’ button.
  • Step 8. Your Yahoo mail password is changed successfully.

Enhance Yahoo Account Security by Changing Y! Mail Settings

The majority of users have a myth that changing Yahoo password on a regular basis is sufficient to enhance the email account security. But this actually is not true in any aspect. There are certain things that need to be considered alongside considering Yahoo email password change.

  • Yahoo security settings are to be updated on a constant basis. It’s highly recommended to enable 2-step verification for preventing unauthorized access.
  • The Yahoo account info page needs to be checked upon regularly along with a recent activity to diagnose any suspicious activity in the email account from different

Yahoo mail security page can be accessed only by entering the correct login credentials as the details provided are highly confidential and any unknown person cannot access this confidential page without legitimate authentication.

Though Yahoo account security change password option is duly available to the email account holder to prevent them from any kind of data loss upon unauthorized access of email account, won’t it be a wise idea to eliminate the importance of Y! Mail password by enabling Yahoo Account Key Feature?

As the Yahoo Account Key works a like 2-step verification, but the process of enabling this feature is entirely different from the latter. It also plays an important part in Yahoo mail security.

Can I Change Yahoo Account Password without the Old Password?

Yes, Of course! Now Yahoo Users can change email password with the help of Yahoo Account Key

||Do you Know? Know How to Set up, enable or use Yahoo Account Key?

With the advent of Account key feature, people are rather surprised and are quite keen to know how to change Yahoo password without old password. There is nothing such special as Yahoo mail account key helps in changing the current password.

The only thing that a user needs to do is to enable Yahoo account key feature through Y! App. Once the feature is enabled, you are provided with the unique Yahoo account key to access the email inbox dashboard in minutes This means that current password that was being used till now to access Yahoo email account will actually lose its importance on a comprehensive basis.

Yahoo mail account key feature is already enabled by the user. The process of change password is completely the same even after using the account key feature. A few months back, people used to think that without a current password, it is not at all possible to change Yahoo email password.

But that’s actually good for the user as the users can feel protected when it comes to data security. There is no chance of unauthorized access by hackers from an unknown location to compromise Y! mail account to conduct any malicious activity.

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