Simple Steps to Change Yahoo Password

Simple Steps to Change Yahoo Password

Communication through email has become an integral part of life. The level of versatility of email could be gauged from the fact that millions of emails are sent and received in just one second. From one-line message to extensive information or for sharing important documents, nothing is better than email. At this point in time, there are so many popular email brands available in the world, but if you are a user of Yahoo, you are in luck. You will be glad to know that Yahoo mail is not just like any other ordinary email service provider. In fact, with the help of fast, secure and reliable customer services, Yahoo has become the face of email services. Experts call Yahoo as a bundle of benefits because it is easy to use and manage. Not only this; in an effort to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the Yahoo users, it lets the users change Yahoo password online.

 The good news is that you can change Yahoo password on the desktop in just a few simple clicks. Don’t be upset if you use a phone because the procedures to change Yahoo password on an Android phone or IOS phone do not take more than one minute. As you know that an email account is not just an account for chatting with friends and receiving notification from social media platforms. An email account holds wide-ranging sets of important information. It may have your banking details, private pictures, videos, chat and more. So, as a being responsible email user, it is highly recommendable to reset the Yahoo password at some regular intervals. If you don’t know how to modify the Yahoo mail password on a computer, this post is for you.

Simple step by step method to change the Yahoo password

Modifying Yahoo’s password at some regular intervals will do wonder to stay safe from all kinds of growing digital threats. By changing the Yahoo mail account password not only you will be able to protect your account from hacking but also prevent the chances of a privacy breach. So, what are you waiting for? change Yahoo password right now even if you have not forgotten your Yahoo password and stay hassle-free all the time. Following is the shortest and simplest way to change the Yahoo password without security question.

  • Type and search on your browser and click on the mail option available at the top and right corner.
  • Here comes a Yahoo login window. Type your Yahoo email address and press next.
  • Now type your secret Yahoo password and click sign in.
  • To reset the Yahoo password, take the cursor on the profile icon.
  • Select account info from the drop-down menu and proceed.
  • You must select the account security tab from the left side panel.
  • Now for one more time, you will have to type your Yahoo credential: Id and password.
  • Here on this page click on change password tab. This tab you can see at the upper right side of the screen.
  • In the process to reset the password, you may have to disable the Yahoo account key. To do so, select manage option from the right side of the screen and scroll down to find the disable Account key tab.
  • Click on disable Account Key option turn off it and then proceed with the change password tab.
  • Here comes an option where you have to create a new Yahoo password. Types your new Yahoo password two times and press on continue.
  • After changing Yahoo password, you can add or change Yahoo password recovery email or phone number.
  • It’s good if you have already updated the recovery email and password. You can select the “Looks good” tab.

 Easiest way to change the Yahoo password on mobile phones:

Mobile phones have become smarter than ever. It is quite normal to prefer smartphones to carry out everyday tasks like chatting, watching videos and browsing social media and more. So, noticing the growing popularity of smartphones, I am proud to explain to you the simple process to reset Yahoo password on Yahoo app or Android phone:

  • Open the Yahoo mail app on your phone.
  • Tap the menu bar (three horizontal small lines).
  • Select the manage accounts from the drop-down menu and further press on the account info tab.
  • Here comes a list of options. You must select security settings from the drop-down.
  • You may have to enter your Yahoo password or give the touch Id to clear the verification. It depends upon your setting, app version, and phone type.
  • Now change password tab will come to your view and tap it.
  • Type here a new and unique Yahoo password two times to confirm the password.
  • Presses continue to complete the Yahoo resetting password procedure.

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