How to Change Yahoo Recovery Phone Number or Email Address

How to Change Yahoo Recovery Phone Number or Email Address

You will be amazed to know that several thousands of people ask a question over the internet like, how to change Yahoo recovery phone number or email address? You are not alone If you have lost access to your registered contact details in connection with Yahoo! mail, this post is for you.

In this problem-solving post, we will offer you the solution to help reset registered phone number and email Id in Yahoo! mail for a hassle-free experience. Also, you will get an overview of Yahoo! forgotten password and recovery method. Not only this, we have one more effective alternative option for you. And that is to connect with the certified engineers of Yahoo! customer support. So, let’s start with understanding the basic question, what does Yahoo recovery phone number and email id mean?

What is Recovery Phone Number & Email Id on Yahoo?

As you know the procedure to make a brand new mail account involves mentioning a name, age, address, country, gender, and contact details as well. On Yahoo! mail, giving valid contact details is mandatory. At the time of opening mail account, what mobile number and email address any user enters, that is called recovery phone number and recovery email id on Yahoo. These contact details come as great help to verify the identity of the users at the time of changing or resetting forgotten Yahoo! password.

Change Yahoo Recovery Phone Number or Email Address?

There could be various reasons for changing the phone number and losing access to the old email account. But, the sad truth is that, most often, people forget to update their contact details in email account. As being a Yahoo! user, you are in luck because you can add/edit Yahoo recovery Phone Number and Email Id on a computer in just a few simple clicks. Here are the steps:

  • Login to your account.
  • Click on the gear-shaped icon from the corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down to find the account info tab.
  • Now select the account security tab from the left side panel.
  • Here on this page, select add a recovery email address or phone number whatever you want to change.
  • For verification purposes, you have to enter your current registered number or email address. Choose an option on what you have access to.
  • Click on the Send verification code tab or email.
  • Check your phone or email whatever you have chosen on the last step.
  • Now enter the code or open the verification link.
  • Here comes a new field where you have to type your new Yahoo recovery email or email id.

Add or Edit Yahoo Recovery Details on Smartphone

A piece of good news is that users can also reset their contact details on the smartphone as well. Here are the steps:

  • After login, tap the three horizontal lines icon.
  • Now pick up the manage accounts tab.
  • Press the account info tab and choose security settings.
  • Tap either the phone number or email address that you want to change.
  • Now press add or edit tab to change the details.
  • Follow further instructions to complete the process successfully.

Benefits of Updating Contact Details on Yahoo

Just think of a situation when you have an urgent piece of work with email. But, as soon as you open up your laptop and end with getting into the most annoying situation. And that situation is forgetting Yahoo! password. Believe me every day a large number of people undergo this situation. In such cases, registered and updated mobile number and email address come as a great help. There are a few more benefits as well like this feature is free, fast, and reliable. It is accessible and works round the clock. Moreover, it is easy to use and manage. It also offers infallible security and helps the user to regain access on hacked Yahoo! account.

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