How to check if Recipient has Read Your email-Read Receipt in Yahoo

How to check if Recipient has Read Your email-Read Receipt in Yahoo

 Sending emails messages is just a matter of a few seconds. But, the purpose of sending email only meets when the receivers read your email messages. In the wake of the fastest-growing world and online businesses, one of the frequently asked questions over the internet is “How to check if the recipient has read your email or read receipt in Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook”. However, a large number of email users call the receiver to make sure that they read their emails or request them in mail to reply back. But, what if the receivers are in large numbers and you don’t know them either or they skip your request to reply to you. This is quite a normal situation in online marketing.

If you are also a Yahoo! user and looking for a simple solution to track your Yahoo! email, this post is for you. Here in this write-up, you can find out the simple ways that you can use to make sure whether the person on the receiving end has read your important email or not. For fast and quick assistance you can reach Yahoo! customer service as well or read this post till the end.


How to set read receipts in Yahoo email?


Wondering how to turn on reading receipts in Yahoo! email? If yes, then you must get in touch with 24 Hrs. Yahoo customer service because such a unique and special feature Yahoo! doesn’t offer. But, the experts available at Yahoo support can help you with the best and genuine alternative options. Scroll down for more information about simple tips & tricks to track your sent emails on Yahoo! mail.


How to make sure if my sent emails have been read? Alternative options!


The purpose of sending an email is to spread information about anything. It may be about a product, service, dealing, meeting at the office or something personal or professional. There is no doubt that email is a massively helpful, convenient and hassle-free way of communication. But, the sad truth is that sending email successfully to the recipients doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she would have read your message. This is a grey area of all email services. I mean, all the major email service providers including Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo lack the in-buit feature of reading receipt. But, you don’t need to be nervous because with the help of the below-mentioned steps you can check and know whether the receiver of your email has read your email or not.


Make sure if the recipient has received your email or not


Receiving mail always precedes the task of reading an email message. And if you don’t get any failure delivery message back to your email inbox or any other error message, you can be sure about the successful delivery of your email to the receiver.


Try this free email tracker for Yahoo!


Mailtrack: This application you can use in the form of extension and add to your Google Chrome browser. Mailtrack also supports other email clients and a browser like Gmail & Outlook, Hotmail and Firefox and Opera respectively. This application is totally free and quite simple to use. When the receiver opens and reads your sent email, Mailtrack shows you two green sticks. And just for the successful delivery of the email message, it shows only one stick. By following these steps you can add Mailtrack extension to your Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome and click the three vertical dots at the right corner of the screen.
  • Now select the more tools tab from the drop-down menu.
  • From the left side pop up click on the extensions.
  • Scroll down to find the more extensions and click on it.
  • Here comes a home screen of the Google Webstore.
  • Type Mailtrack in the search bar available at the left side corner bar and hit enter.
  • Now press click on the “+Add TO Chrome TAB”.
  • After the successful installation of the extension, now login to your email.
  • Send any test email to your alternative email and go to the send box.
  • Here in front of the sent email bar, you see one green tick which shows that your email has successfully delivered.
  • When you see two green ticks, it means the recipients have read your email message.

Note: If this free email tracker does not support your device, you can search for any other similar kind of third party application.

Final Say!

I hope you have learned something new and useful today by reading my blog “How to Check if Recipient has Read Your email-Read Receipt in Yahoo!”. Don’t forget that free assistance is just one call away from you. If you find any issue or need more assistance, let the Yahoo! experts help you. Solutions to all kinds of troubles including recovering Yahoo! forgotten password without number and more are all available.

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