Easy Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Security Certificate Error

Easy Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Security Certificate Error

In this point of time email service has become a best friend of every internet user at the global level. There is no doubt that there are so many popular and best in class email service providers. Amongst so many email service providers, Yahoo is counted on the top level. High-level safety and security on email services is the prime reason behind Yahoo’s presence at the top level. Features like Two-Step verification, Yahoo Account Key and Auto scanning of email files have taken the security of email users to a whole new level. That’s not all; taking a serious note of recent attempts of email hacking, Yahoo has already enabled the SSL certificate security feature. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a standard security technology used for creating an encrypted link between a server and client. From a security point of view, the Yahoo mail security certificate feature has proved as one of the best safety features. But, sometimes, this landmark security feature can cause you trouble. 


Yahoo SSL error is also known as SSL connection error or Yahoo SSL certificate error. When Yahoo mail security certificate error occurs users can’t send or receive Yahoo email and may face login related issues as well. But, the good news is that email users can fix SSL error on Yahoo in just a few clicks. Read further this post to know how to fix the Yahoo Mail Security Certificate Error.


What is Yahoo Mail Security Certificate Error? 

Security certificate error on Yahoo is the situation when Yahoo server faces troubles to encrypt the data. Whenever the device or client doesn’t act or support the Yahoo encryption service, Yahoo mail security certificate error arises. There could be the below-mentioned reasons behind getting such the most irritating issue: Yahoo security certificate error.


  • Incorrect date and time settings in the device are one of the most common reasons to have SSL error. 
  • Development of unnecessary cache and cookies memories can also lead you to SSL connection error.
  • Using an expired or old version of the search engine browser may invite such issues.
  • Another possible reason may be using a corrupt or unlicensed window. 


Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Security Certificate Error on Computer

To resolve Yahoo mail security certificate error on desktop, you can see the steps given below. Not only this; you can also ring up Yahoo technical support number to get assistance from the professional experts regarding this issue. 


  • Check the date and time of your device. Correct it if you find it wrong. 
  • Delete all the stored cache and cookies data on your PC. Restart the computer and then check if the error is solved or not. 
  • Take a minute to check whether you are using an updated version of the browser or not. similarly, make sure that you are using the latest version of the Window for better results. 
  • If nothing helped you, take a minute to check the setting of your internet properties. And clear your SSL state. 
  • Still no luck, the next remedial step is to disable the QUIC the protocol of Chrome. 
  • Alternatively, to solve the Yahoo mail security certificate error you can check your firewall and antivirus settings. 
  • If this issue is coming on Google Chrome, you better to disable the extensions. 
  • Last but not least, check and adjust the Internet security and privacy settings. Sometimes, editing a privacy level helps the users to get rid of SSL certificate errors on Yahoo. 


Note & Conclusion

The above-mentioned tips and tricks will come as a great help. Upon following all the steps, the chances are high that you will get rid of Yahoo mail security certificate error. But, if the issue still persists on, don’t be upset. In such a case, let the experts deal with this error. Solutions to this SSL error and other issues like Yahoo hacked account, recovery of Yahoo forgotten password and more are available. Dial our 24*7 Yahoo customer support helpline number for a safe and secure solution.

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