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Yahoo is more than just an email service provider. It has taken the email services to the whole new level like never before. With some cutting-edge and exclusive features like Two-Step verification, Yahoo account key, and Yahoo mail pro, Yahoo has redefined the email services and made it safe, secure and effective than ever before. In a significant attempt to make the Yahoo email more convenient Yahoo allows its users to make and use an alias email address. Using an alias email may be beneficial in multiple ways. If you are an existing Yahoo user you must be aware of the benefits and creation procedure of the alias email address on Yahoo. But, don’t be upset if you don’t know anything about an alias email address. Read on this knowledge enhancing post to know about the alias email address in Yahoo. Find below the breakdown of the topic, we will cover in this comprehensive blog.  

  • What is an alias email address in Yahoo?
  • What is the use and benefits of Aliases in Yahoo?
  • How to create an alias email address in Yahoo?
  • How to delete an alias email?


so, seat tight as you are going to get the answer of some most frequently asked questions about alias Yahoo email address.


What is an alias email address in Yahoo?

Alias email address in Yahoo are those email ids which are used to display only. In simple words, alias email address you can use to receive and send email as you do with your primary and personal email address without using your main email address. For example, suppose you don’t want to share your main email address with anyone for any whatsoever reason but want to avail the services, so, the best thing you can do is to share your alias email address. Whenever you will get an email to your alias email address that automatically will be forwarded to your main email address. Similarly, any email you want to send, can send from your main account but the recipients will see your only alias email address instead of the main one. Isn’t it a great feature? right?


What is the use and benefits of Alias email in Yahoo?

 Yahoo has added this feature to its email services after taking a serious note of the growing demand of the people. And according to the demand a large number of people don’t want to share their own real Yahoo email address but want to avail benefits of various services. So, after careful consideration, Yahoo came up with cutting-edge solution which is alias email address. It offers wide-ranging benefits like:

  • Alias email address helps to maintain privacy.
  • Using an alias email may secure your Yahoo account from various digital threats.
  • It is acceptable everywhere and anyone can use it for signing up purposes.
  • It is simple to create and easy to use.
  • No separate password required to login to the alias email address.
  • By default, it always remains linked to your main Yahoo email address.

Note: Yahoo’s alias email address can not be linked with another email id outside of Yahoo, like Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook. For more information, consult with Yahoo customer service by calling them at +1855-429-1222.


How to create an alias email address in Yahoo?


Any Yahoo user can call at the Yahoo phone number and immediately can get created an alias email address from the professional of the Yahoo customer service. Yahoo phone number is +1855-429-1222 or you can consider the following steps to create an alias Yahoo email address yourself.

  • Login to your main Yahoo email address.
  • Go to the gear-shaped setting icon.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the more setting option.
  • Click on mailboxes and proceed with the expand icon.
  • Click add.
  • Now enter your details and then select finish.  


Note: It is important to have the primary email address to create an alias email address. Read how to create a Yahoo email account.



How to delete an alias email?


It may be possible that later on, you will be no more interested in continuing with your alias email and want to delete your alias email. If this is the case with you, carry out the following steps.

  • Login first and go to the setting icon.
  • Open more setting option.
  • Click mailboxes and go further selecting expand icon.
  • Select your extra email address.
  • Now to delete your alias, click on the remove option.
  • Click on confirm to delete the alias email address.


Note: In the process of deleting the alias email address if you get any kind of error, it means you must contact the Yahoo help desk for instant and effective solution. Dial Yahoo phone number +1855-429-1222.


After reading this post you might have realized how simple it is to create and manage the alias email address. But, be informed that Yahoo allows everyone to create only one alias email address, If you want to create more than one alias email address, you must call the Yahoo customer support. Apart from the alias email address, if you have any kind of issue like Yahoo account recovery, Yahoo password recovery and anything else you can directly reach to the Yahoo customer service.

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