Everything About Yahoo Calendar

Everything About Yahoo Calendar

An Email account is not just limited to send or receive email, message or documents. In an approach to make email services more beneficial and multi-tasking, many features have been added. Contacts syncing, labels, and calendar are the top three features that have contributed a lot to make life easier for the users. This post is going to elaborate on the most searched and vital feature of the email services: Yahoo calendar. Even though the other email service providers also offer the calendar feature but calendar features on Yahoo is trusted by millions of users across the world.

However, nowadays many specialized online calendars are available in the digital world. But, using the calendar and email services of the same service provider may result in extremely beneficial to you. And you will be glad to know that Yahoo is known for offering flawless services both in terms of email and calendar. It lets the users share and access the time table and day wise program from anywhere and anytime. With the help of Yahoo’s in-built calendar, anyone can highlight the important dates, schedules, and programs. And stay well connected with the plan without worrying about missing anything. To get the most of the Yahoo! mail account, you must know the best way to access the calendar on all devices including Android and iOS. Reading further this post will let you know the answers to the following question:


How to access my Yahoo! calendar on a computer?

Accessing the Yahoo calendar on a computer is just a matter of seconds. Within just a few simple clicks, you can access your Yahoo calendar on the computer. Below-mentioned points are worth considering:

  • Log in to your Yahoo mail account with your Id and password.
  • Now from the top left side, you can find the calendar option, open it.
  • Select the new event from the option bar. And proceed with selecting the date, time and describe the event.
  • Click on save to store the created event in Yahoo.
  • Similarly, the next option comes about ToDo. Open it and mention the date, time and description. And save it for better results.
  • The next options are a day, week, months and year. You can create and save any event based on the day, week, months and year.


Note: A few numbers of Yahoo users have reported having gone through the Yahoo temporary error. If you also get this error, it means you must call our Yahoo customer service.


How do I get my Yahoo calendar on my Android?

Using the specialized calendar of Yahoo on an android device may benefit you by leaps and bounds. It becomes easier to stay updated and connected with professional and personal plans. But, unfortunately, the Android device does not support CalDAV due to which access and syncing of an exclusive calendar of Yahoo is not possible directly. However, there is an alternative way available to meet this purpose. With the help of the following steps, you can get access to the calendar on your android device.

  • Go to the Google Play app.
  • Type iCAl import/Export CalDAV and search.
  • Now install the application.
  • After the successful installation, go to the setting and enter https://caldav.calendar.yahoo.com.
  • Now go to the Yahoo mail application, log in and access the calendar.
  • According to your wish, you can create events and get the most of the Yahoo mail services.


Now: If all the above-mentioned steps don’t bring the expected results, you can reach our 24 Hrs. Yahoo customer service. Complete solutions on call are guaranteed.


How do I get my Yahoo calendar on iPhone?

Another biggest advantage of Yahoo in-built calendar is that it supports the iPhone or IOS operating system as well. If you are using any IOS device, you must know how to get the Yahoo calendar on the iPhone.

  • First step is to go to the setting option and open it.
  • Now scroll down and select the mail, contacts and calendar option.
  • Select Yahoo Mail from the menu, if you get the option.
  • Turn on the calendar option to start using all the features of the Yahoo calendar.
  • Now go to the Yahoo mail and open the calendar option.
  • According to your needs, you can create an event and mentioned date, time and description as mentioned above.


Note: Make sure that the POP and SMTP setting is applied properly on your device.

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