Contact Customer Care to Fix Yahoo E-mail Account Problems on MAC, iphone, Andriod & Windows

Seems like, you are really frustrated with the recurring hiccups while using Yahoo email services…Create Yahoo Account
Aren’t we right?
Or may be
Our guess is moving in a right direction……...
Things are really not working in your favor which is clearly reflecting as per the expression that eventually persuade you to look for instant Yahoo customer support which is not available.

The reason behind the dejection is clearly understood but you are not the only one dealing with such kind of scenario. Many users go through a similar phase as they are not able to seek immediate assistance due to the absence of official

Yahoo phone number

Issues Actually Being Faced During Yahoo Email Account Access

There are certain issues faced by users while accessing their personal or official email account. Some of those issues get encountered on a sudden basis, hamper the necessary activities. Listed below are the problems that come across on an abrupt basis and trouble the users to a huge extent:

  • Unable to sign-in into e-mail account
  • Can't reset or recover Y! mail password
  • Compromised Yahoo account can't be recovered
  • Problems encountered while changing Y! account password
  • Recurring Spam filter issues
  • Attachment upload and download issues
  • Script issues in web browser do not allow sending and receiving messages
  • Yahoo mail App not responding on Android or iOS devices
  • Can't reactivate the disabled or suspended Yahoo account
  • Problems recovering permanently deleted messages
  • No idea how to enable Yahoo account key feature
  • Two-step authentication not working
  • Server outage or downtime issues quite persistent

With no official

Yahoo customer support phone number

available, users generally find themselves miserable as they have no idea of how to fix /resolve these problematic issues in quick time by adopting the feasible options.

As limited customer support is offered by Yahoo Inc, registered Y! user are supposed to adopt any of the prescribed options for availing email help desk services.

  • Yahoo Help Center: Users are supposed to type on their web browser and press ‘enter' key to access the dashboard in which different topics listed within the categories, can be seen in the left sidebar.
  • Yahoo Help Community and Forum: Users can also post their queries or problems at the forums launched by Yahoo to get the resolution by any of the expert users or techies registered online. You can post the email issues or any other Yahoo account issues at But you cannot expect a problem resolution on an instant basis as it may take 3-5 business days or more than that as availability of techies on forums matters a lot

Here are the steps that can help users take assistance through Yahoo Help community:

  1. Open a web browser and type
  2. Press enter and wait for the page to get displayed.
  3. As the page get displayed, register with Y! Help community by providing the user id.
  4. Now you are registered, choose the product by clicking on the menu button.
  5. Select the category menu in the drop down list upon clicking the three line horizontal icon.
  6. Click on the particular category For Example “Mail” and go through options aligned in the next slide in which you face problems.
  7. As you do the same, a new page appears on the screen with a button “Ask A Question”
  8. Clicking on the same will redirect you to a form in which you need to type a query or message
  9. You can also provide a hyperlink to a particular web page after describing a particular problem.
  10. Click on the post button which will publish your post in the forum

  • Social Media Podiums: Accessing Yahoo official page on different social media sites can be the best option as you can expect help desk services offered by techies available online much faster than above-mentioned options.

Listed below are the Yahoo official pages on different social media sites on which you can post queries or issues that confront all of the sudden.

  1. Yahoo Official page on Facebook:
  2. Yahoo Official page on Twitter:
  3. Yahoo Official page on Google+:
  4. Yahoo Official page on Instagram:

Upon availing any of these options, you cannot expect instant help. But you can mention in the problems that solution is needed at the earliest otherwise it will be of no use.

As there are limited numbers of techies hired at Yahoo Inc, headquartered in California, United States; the numerous queries or problems sent by Y! Mail users keep piling up on a daily basis that need time to get resolved. The certified professionals have to go through the issues that irritate users and provide them with the exact solutions through email.

But what about those users; who are completely non-technical and cannot implement the steps provided by experts. It will look like complete discrimination with those who are not able to fix Yahoo mail problems on the own.

In order to avoid this, several autonomous organizations have set up in major countries across the globe; mainly in the United States and Canada that offer comprehensive customer support for Yahoo mail. 24/7 active phone lines are associated with third-party

Yahoo customer service helpline number

launched by the companies for the benefit of users.

How to Contact Yahoo

Need Help?

Here are some Important Yahoo Contact details:

Help Number: 1-877-870-4777
Call Time: 24*7
Chat with Human: Chat Now
Talk to a Person: Avialable
Company URL:
Help Center: