Fix Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Email Error

Fix Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Email Error

Undoubtedly Yahoo is proficient and magnificent email service provider at the global level. But, the harsh truth is that sometimes due to multiple malfunctions Yahoo mail services may get adversely affected without prior hints. You can find below the most common factors that most often attract the error like Yahoo mail not receiving email.


  1. Yahoo Temporary Errors: As the name suggests, Yahoo temporary errors are those errors which emerge temporarily for some minutes to some couple of hours and then automatically they disappear at their own. During the existence of the temporary error, Yahoo email services stop to function properly or sometimes cut off totally.
  2. Wrong SMTP or POP Settings: SMTP and POP settings are responsible to ensure the proper functioning of all the features of the Yahoo email. These settings set up the connection between the device and software. The incorrect settings may cause your Yahoo email account to stop permanently. If you think there is something wrong with your Yahoo SMTP’s setting you must read how to set up the Yahoo SMTP server settings.
  3. Cache and Cookies: Upon continues surfing on the internet, the device attracts the excessive cache and cookies data. The heap of caches and cookies memories are known to be enemies of the performance of the device. If they exceed the limits, certainly the device will not perform up to the mark.
  4. Blocked Email Address: Making errors is human nature. So, might be possible that you accidentally have blocked one or more than one sender. As a result, you are not getting an email to your email address.
  5. Anti-Virus Program: What you may not be aware of the fact is that the installed anti-virus software and firewall setting may also prevent the Yahoo email from working properly.
  6. Existence of Virus and Bug: Last but not least, the existence of any virus and bug in your device may also contribute to the poor performance of email services or even completely shut down the proper functionality of the email services.


How to Fix Yahoo mail not receiving email error


Maybe you are feeling anxious after knowing that there are wide-ranging benefits of Yahoo mail’s inability to receive the emails. But, we want you to stop panicking your self because various solutions to various issues are available. To get instant solution consider the following instruction:


  1. Update Yahoo App: Updating the Yahoo mail application may do the miracle. Apart from resolving the Yahoo mail not receiving issue, it will fix the Yahoo common error as well including email attachment issue and Yahoo mail not working issue on IOS and Android devices. So, for better results, we recommend you to update your search engine browser, operating system of your device, and the javascript too.
  2. Delete the Cookies and Cache Memories: What you may not know is that deleting the cookies and cache memories may be extremely helpful to get rid of the Yahoo mail down related issue. To enjoy the benefits of Yahoo mail services, we recommend you to keep erasing the cookies and cache memories from your device.
  3. Keep Appropriate Settings: Appropriate settings play a very important role to enjoy most of the digital services either through phone or computer. Even a small mistake in the settings can result in total failure of any application including the Yahoo email. So, instead of growing anxious, check out your Yahoo email setting and make sure that you have not blocked senders whose email you are not getting or marked spam. Otherwise, you simply can take the help of the Yahoo customer service by calling them. Yahoo phone number is +1855-429-1222.
  4. Disabled Anti-Virus: If everything looks fine, then the best thing to do is to temporarily disable the anti-virus. If the issue still exist then scan your device with the anti-virus. The more chances are that the issue will get resolved.
  5. Uninstall and Reinstall: If all above-mentioned tips fail to get the desired results, you must try to uninstall and reinstall the Yahoo application. And don’t forget to turn off and turn on the device as well. Doing so may result in the proper functioning of the Yahoo email.
  6. Yahoo Customer Service: If nothing worked out, it means the time has come to take the help of experts of Yahoo. For fast and reliable solutions you can call the dedicated team of Yahoo customer service. Yahoo phone number is 1855-429-1222.


Note: If everything is fine from your side but even then the Yahoo mail not receiving email, so might be possible that the root cause of the issue may reside in the email account or the device of the sender.


Error like Yahoo mail not receiving email is not the everyday issue. Rarely users encounter such trouble. But, if you face such kind of issue or any other issue or you need help for Yahoo Password recovery or recovery of Yahoo email account, feel free to take the assistance of Yahoo customer services by calling them at +1855-429-1222.

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