How to Add a Hyperlink in Yahoo

How to Add a Hyperlink in Yahoo

Hyperlink holds a significant value for digital contents, website pages, SEO, and online marketing. In recent years, the use of hyperlinks has increased dramatically high in the digital world. The amazing fact of the matter is that anyone can add a hyperlink to the email and share it with as many people as wish. If you a proud user of Yahoo, the good news is that in a few simple clicks you can add a hyperlink to your email before sending it to other people. You will be glad to know that the Yahoo interface has designed and created in such a way that it supports all long and short hyperlinks.

Hyperlink in Yahoo email usually holds a different color and looks. However, the appearance of the hyperlink in Yahoo you can change according to your wishes. Fast, responsive, and easy to recognition looks are some benefits of the hyperlink in Yahoo.

If you want to get more viewers and spread the knowledge about your product or service, the hyperlink in Yahoo email may do wonder for you. Moreover, with the help of quick, secure and reliable hyperlinks, you can improve the SEO and credibility of your content that you share through Yahoo email.

This post contains the information that explains the answer to three major questions about the hyperlink in Yahoo. By reading this post, you will learn about how to add and remove hyperlinks along with the simple step to fix the issues.    



  • How to add a hyperlink in Yahoo?
  • How to disable the hyperlink in Yahoo?
  • How to fix hyperlink issues in Yahoo?



How to add a hyperlink in Yahoo?

Adding a hyperlink in Yahoo is just a matter of a few seconds. The best results are guaranteed once you learn how to add a hyperlink in Yahoo. Find below the simple steps to add a hyperlink in Yahoo.

  1. Log in to your Yahoo account through the official website of Yahoo.
  2. Now click on the compose option which lies on the top and left side panel.
  3. Here comes an email writing window. You can type the email address of the recipients and then subject.
  4. Now type the content in the given field. And select the keywords to which you would like to add hyperlinks.
  5. Upon a careful look at the toolbar option at the lower side, you can see chain shaped icon which is actually a hyperlink option.Click on it.
  6. Now copy the link of the website page or content that you want to connect with the selected keywords. After copying the link, come back to your Yahoo email and paste it in the field of edit link option.
  7. Press OK to complete the process of adding a hyperlink to your email.  


Note: As you know they are always a good way and bad of doing anything. And when it comes to adding a hyperlink to email, the good way is not to add a hyperlink to the whole message or matter that you have typed in the field. For more details, you can consult with the professional of the Yahoo customer service.


How to disable the hyperlink in Yahoo?

A hyperlink is useful for those people who are intended to share knowledge about their services and products. But, it doesn’t mean that the recipients on the other side always would love to undergo the hyperlink. If you are recipients, the chances are high that you may like to disable the hyperlink in Yahoo. Take a brief look at the simple steps to disable the hyperlink in Yahoo.

  1. After log in to your Yahoo account, click on the setting option.
  2. Now select the writing email option.
  3. Here uncheck the box of option: Automatically generate a preview of links.
  4. Click on save.
  5. You will not get the annoying popup every now and then from the hyperlinked text.


Note: Following the above-mentioned steps will only disable the hyperlink popup but the other advertisement popup will continue to arise. For more information read how to get rid of advertisements in Yahoo or for 100% solution, call the experts of the Yahoo customer service.    


How to fix hyperlink issues in Yahoo?

Most of the time, hyperlinks appear to be error-free. But, once in a while, a hyperlink may undergo some issues like slow to response and in rare of the rarest cases, it stops working. Scroll down and learn the best ways to fix the hyperlink issue in Yahoo.

  1. Clear off the cache and cookies memories from your device.
  2. Use the updated Yahoo mail application, operating system, and browser.
  3. If everything is right once temporarily disable the anti-virus and firewall; check if it helps. After that, don’t forget to enable the anti-virus.

Note: If all the above-mentioned methods go in vain, it means only the technical engineers of the Yahoo customer service could help you. So, for instant solutions, call to the Yahoo customer service at +1855-429-1222.

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