How to Archive Yahoo Emails in Hard Drive – Simple & Short Method

How to Archive Yahoo Emails in Hard Drive-Simple & Short Method

Millions of people trust email as a communication tool. The fact of the matter is that today hardly there could be any business in which communication doesn’t play an important role. In recent years email has proved extremely beneficial for both professional & personal use. From sending & receiving general information to sharing highly confidential documents, email has no match. More specifically if we talk about the advantages: email is fast, free, user-friendly, effective and quite protected. On the other hand, if we talk about the disadvantage of the email, unexpected loss of the data is the first thing that comes to mind first. Yes, the uncomfortable truth is that several thousands of people every day lose their data that includes email messages, contacts, pictures, videos, and documents. But, if you are a Yahoo mail user, you are in luck because you can always create a backup or archive Yahoo emails in Hard Drive of the computer.

If you are also wondering how to save emails from yahoo to the computer hard disk this post is for you. This helping post will explain the best and genuine ways to download emails from Yahoo to your computer hard disk with ease of mind.

One more thing before we continue! If you have already lost Yahoo! email messages, you don’t need to grow anxious anymore because you can recover the deleted Yahoo! emails. Not only this we have one better option for you. You can take direct assistance from the Yahoo 24*7 customer support. So, first, let’s start with understanding why you must create back of email messages.

Why you must create email backup in Yahoo!

Today in this technology-driven era, data holds a significant value. To store data also takes a long time, research and efforts. Therefore, it becomes very important to give special priority to the collected data. There are a few more reasons to save emails on the computer or other saving devices.

  • The future is full of uncertainty. The data you have today may come as a great help in the future. So, you should create a backup of them for a long time.
  • Digital data comes with many strings attached. Every electronic and digital device can crash and stop working all of sudden and you may lose access to your important data for always.
  • The uncomfortable truth is that any email account of any brand may be hacked or broken into without the knowledge of the user. Even more so, all the stored data, records, files and documents may be stolen. Therefore, it is important to make and have a backup of data.

How do I save or download email messages to Hard Drive on Yahoo?

If you want to download Yahoo mail to the hard drive of your computer (internal or external), the unpleasant truth is that Yahoo! doesn’t allow to download the email and save directly onto the hard drive of the computer. But, don’t be upset because here are some alternative ways to save emails to your PC.

Convert the Yahoo! mail into PDF, Print or Save it anywhere on the computer

Find and open the email that you want to save to your hard disk. Press the Cntrl+P simultaneously. Here comes a print window. Press the down arrow which is just next to the destination tab. Select save as PDF option to change the format and save your selected email. Now press the save tab and type the name of the file and pick up the location where you want to save your email. You can save your Yahoo! email in desktop, document folder, one drive, or any other drive of your personal computer. Alternatively, you can take a print of all your important emails and stay hassle-free all the time.

Create an Archive of Yahoo! email in form of MS Word onto Hard Disk

The second simple option is to copy and paste the Yahoo! mail on the MS word document and then save it in your desired location onto the hard drive of your PC. You also can take the help of a text editor.

Forward email to your another email Id

If you didn’t like the above mentioned two methods to archive Yahoo! emails in Hard drive, this method is for you. What best you can do is to forward every email to your alternative email address. In case if you lose access to your primary email Id due to any whatsoever reason, you can retrieve all the email from your alternative email id.    

Final Words

Till now we have discussed how to archive Yahoo emails in the hard drive of your PC without any backup tool. We believe you have found all the given information enough helpful and effective. But, in case if any doubt left in your mind, you can always get in touch with experts of Yahoo through a direct call, chat or email. Yahoo! representative can help you with certified and genuine Yahoo mail back up tool for free as well.

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