Change Phone Number in Yahoo Email

How to Change Phone Number in Yahoo email

Phone number and email account have become the backbone of personal and professional life nowadays. And when it comes to taking the business to a whole new level, both contact number and email account play a huge role. In recent years, the gigantic jump has been realized in the demand for email accounts and other internet-based services. The combination of smartphones and email services have made life simple like never before. But, in the sharp contrast to the bright side of the revolutionary email services, a large number of challenges have also piled up. Taking a serious note of the growing digital threats, Yahoo has made it compulsory to add the phone number to the Yahoo mail account. As a result of the attachment of the phone number to the email address, the Yahoo password recovery process has become quite simple. On the other hand, a few numbers of people have been seen struggling to know the process of how to change phone number in Yahoo email. Yahoo knows that due to many unexpected reasons, anyone may have to change the contact number. Due to which a need to add, edit, or delete the phone number in Yahoo may arise. 

We invite you to read this comprehensive post to understand the simple steps to change the phone number in Yahoo mail.


  • How to change phone number in Yahoo email?        
  • How to change phone number in Yahoo mail verification?


How to Change Phone Number in Yahoo email?  

You must be aware that how much it is important to keep the contact number up to date on the Yahoo account. You may not be successful to have a login to your Yahoo account in the coming times if the contact number is not updated in Yahoo account. Scroll down to know how to add, edit or delete the phone number in Yahoo mail account.

  • Type and browse the website on your computer.
  • Now select the email option from the right top corner.
  • Here you get a login window. Sign in with your Yahoo Id and password.
  • Look at the right side of the screen; you will get a gear-shaped icon. Select it.
  • Now from the drop-down menu, choose the Account info tab.
  • Proceed with clicking on Account security.
  • Here on this page, you may have to enter your Yahoo account password for one more time.
  • From a few numbers of options, you must select phone numbers and security.
  • Here in the available field, you can add, edit or delete phone numbers in Yahoo account.
  • The next option would be to verification. To verify your identity, Yahoo will send you a code and that code you will have to enter inside the field to clear the verification.


Note: In the process to change the phone number in Yahoo, if you face any kind of issues like Yahoo temporary error or anything else; feel free to call the Yahoo customer service at +1855-429-1222.


How to Change Phone Number in Yahoo Mail verification?

You may not be able to have a successful login to your Yahoo account because of being failed to clear the Yahoo mail verification. If this is the case with you, we recommend you to update the phone number in Yahoo email immediately. To clear the Yahoo verification, alternatively, you can opt to receive the verification code to your recovery email address. Once you clear the verification level, you can repeat all the above-mentioned steps. Otherwise, for quick assistance, you can call our dedicated Yahoo customer service.


Yahoo Customer Support

Using email services are really very simple. Anyone can avail of all the features of email services and reap the huge benefits. But, sometimes when services stop working unexpectedly, then troubleshooting processes may go beyond your control or knowledge. In such cases, we urge you not to grow anxious and call to our top-quality Yahoo customer service. We are trusted by millions of users at a global level. Call us right now and get rid of the extensive range of the Yahoo email related problems.

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