How to Delete Yahoo History

How to delete Yahoo History

Yahoo is a giant online service provider. It has unmatched expertise in offering a wide-ranging web and email services. People across the world love Yahoo for its amazing features and trust in its wide-ranging social media platforms including Yahoo answers, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Flickr, Yahoo tumbler and more. You may be aware of the fact that Yahoo is also known as a reputable search engine in the world. Millions of people trust Yahoo due to its customer-oriented services. Likewise, the other biggest brands, Yahoo browser or site also store the history of the users. But, you will be glad to know that Yahoo lets the users delete Yahoo history

If you are the one who is looking forward to deleting Yahoo history, believe me, you are not alone. In everyday life, there may be so many situations when you would not like to let know someone else about your search history on Yahoo. Or it is not a matter of surprise if you simply just want to delete browsing history on Yahoo. Whatever may be the reason, we invite you to read this helping post to know how to clear the recent Yahoo search history.


Delete Yahoo history on Computer

Yahoo deserves a ton of applauds for offering an easy and simple way to view and manage recent activity in Yahoo mail. To protect the privacy of every user, Yahoo permits every user to find and delete Yahoo search history. It is totally up to you whether you want to clear the Yahoo history or not. If yes, scroll down to know the recommended method to delete the Yahoo history.

  • Type on your browser and press enter.
  • Select the login option from the top and right corner of the screen.
  • Login to your Yahoo account with your Yahoo Id and password.
  • Here comes a new window which lists down the history in date wise order and on the right side of the screen you can see dustbin shaped icons.
  • Click on the adjacent dustbin icon to delete any segment of particular Yahoo history.
  • If you want to clear all the history in one click select the clear history tab from right and lower side corner.
  • Click on confirm to delete Yahoo history.
  • Kindly note that you can prevent Yahoo from storing your browsing history in the future. Click on turn history off option.
  • Repeat the same procedure to delete the Yahoo history from every Yahoo account.


Note: In the process of clearing recent Yahoo history, if you face any Yahoo temporary error, feel free to let the experts of Yahoo customer service help. You must contact Yahoo customer care if you want to delete the Yahoo history from multiple Yahoo account in just a minute.


Delete Yahoo history on phone

What makes Yahoo better than other email service providers that its mobile application works as efficiently as its website does. As far as the removal of Yahoo history is concerned, it is quite simple on Yahoo mobile application as well. Let me take you through the effortless and effective way to clear the recent Yahoo history on mobile phones.

  • Login to your Yahoo account on the mobile site of Yahoo.
  • Select the menu button () from the top and right corner.
  • Tap in the search field to get the details of your search history.
  • From left and bottom corner of the screen, select settings option.
  • Now choose to manage history from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap the clear history tab from the right side or touch the dustbin shaped figure to erase any particular segment of Yahoo history.
  • If you wish, hit the turn history off the tab to stop Yahoo from saving your Yahoo browsing history.


Connect with Yahoo customer service

 Above mentioned all the steps will certainly help you to delete Yahoo history from your device and account. As you know that email and all other digital services are dynamic in nature. The chances of being caught in any problem always exist. In the face of adversity, feel free to connect with Yahoo customer service. Call us to get the solution to complex and critical issues like Yahoo password recovery and more. We offer free consultation and solutions.

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