How To Enable Yahoo Two-Step Verification

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Nowadays, almost every day, online fraud cases and account hacking incidents make headlines. With the progress of time, digital services have been proved to be a boon and a curse as well. Taking a serious note of the growing digital threats, after a deep study and technical research Yahoo has come up with a revolutionary security arrangement for all Yahoo accounts: Two-step verification. This feature is not less than panacea against all digital threats including hacking. Yahoo Two-Step verification has added wings to the security of the Yahoo Account holders. Keeping in mind its stunning benefit, chances are, you are also thinking about How to enable Yahoo Two-Step Verification


Before we let you know how to enable Yahoo Two-Step Verification, it is important to understand what exactly is Yahoo Two-Step verification. Yahoo Two-Step verification means to add the user’s mobile number to complete the sign-in procedure. Once it is enabled, the users mandatorily will have to enter the verification code which user gets from directly Yahoo. Verification receiving time is not more than a maximum one minute. Through this verification code, Yahoo makes sure that only the real person is in the process to have log-in. 

Verification code entrance part comes after signing-in with your regular password and email address. Once it is activated, it would be effective on all the devices whichever user uses to have loge-in: Android phone, IOS phone, and web browser. Yahoo Two-Step verification could not be skipped under any circumstances even if the cookies and cache memories are deleted or a new phone is used to have loge-in.        


How to enable Yahoo Two-Step Verification


Enabling Yahoo Two-Step Verification involves a few simple steps which are mentioned below in the most simple way. Before you start off the procedure of activating Yahoo Two-Step verification, we recommend you to take care of some points: make sure that you have an internet connection which works flawlessly and you have access on your valid phone number as well.

yahoo phone number

Now let’s find out how to enable Yahoo Two-Step Verification: 

  1. Go to your favorite Yahoo website on the web browser and click on the email. 
  2. Now sign-in with your email address and password as usual. 
  3. Upon a careful look at the right top corner, you will find the setting option which is round in shape with grooves on it. Click on this option.
  4. Now a drop-down menu will come up with a list of options. Select the account information option. 
  5. Here you must select the account security option. 
  6. Now you will find that the Two-step verification is disabled by default. All you have to do just slide it to the right to make it effective. 
  7. At this point, Yahoo will ask you to enter your valid phone number. Make sure that you have entered your own personal phone number which always will be in your possession.
  8. After entering the contact number, you will have to choose one option between send SMS and call me to get the verification code from Yahoo. We recommend you to go with the send SMS option because the written message containing code you can see again and again before finally submitting it to make sure that you have entered the correct verification code. On the other hand, Yahoo call once disconnected, you will not be able to cross-check what code you were told on call if the clouds of doubt cast over you.
  9. Now it is time to enter the verification code that you have received from Yahoo. Before and after entering, you must check it two times. Once you are sure, click on verify. 
  10. If in any case due to whatever reason, you don’t get verification code, you can click on resend code option as well. 
  11. Well, congratulations, you are now done with enabling Yahoo Two-Step verification. 


Benefits of Yahoo Two-Step verification


  1. Yahoo Two-Step verification provides almost impenetrable protection to the Yahoo account.
  2. It is a simple and fast way to remain safe from all the digital threats.  
  3. In case of requirement, the user can always change the given phone number.
  4. It is extremely helpful to recover the Yahoo account or Yahoo password recovery if you forgot the password. 


Conclusion: As we have discussed how to enable Yahoo Two-Step verification. We recommend you to make it enable as fast as possible before you slip into any digital threat. However, it comes with one string attached that the user must have access on his/her phone before making an attempt to have loge-in on Yahoo Account.

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