How to Fix the PDF Attachment Issue in Yahoo Email

How to Fix the PDF Attachment Issue in Yahoo Email

In this point of time when the digitalization is on the peak, sending information, data, documents, images, and videos have become a matter of seconds. Anyone from anywhere can share the details in the form of PDF through email services. And when it comes to email services, the first name comes to the mind is Yahoo which is famous for its impeccable and 24*7 Yahoo support.

But, in the rarest of the rare cases, there may come a time when the Yahoo Mail user feel trouble to download or upload the PDF attachment from email. If the PDF attachment issue is bothering you and causing you frustration, we urge you to stop panicking yourself anymore. You can easily overcome the PDF attachment issues in Yahoo email by taking care of the following steps and instructions. This post is fully dedicated to explaining the Yahoo users about How to Fix the PDF attachment issue in Yahoo email without consulting with Yahoo support. 

Simple steps about How to fix the PDF attachment issue in Yahoo email

An issue in the process of downloading and uploading the PDF attachment may cause by so many reasons. The root cause may reside in your device, software, and even in PDF document. But, with the following steps, you can fix the PDF attachment issue in Yahoo email to the significant level. 

  1. Adobe reader availability and version: Before you start cursing your luck, it is better to make sure that the device you’re using has adobe reader program. If it has the program then make sure the program is updated. Take a minute to update it, if you find it outdated. 
  2. Compatibility of Browser: What you may not know is that the compatibility between search engine browser, Yahoo email, and adobe reader is very vital to have a seamless experience. So, we recommend you to make sure that in your device there is the latest version of search engine browser and Yahoo email. For your information we recommend you to use Chrome browser 25 or upgraded version, IE 9.0, Safari 4.0 or Firefox 19 or the newer one. 
  3. Corrupt file:  In spite of having everything good, sometimes PDF related issue arises due to the attachment of corrupt file in the email. In this case, what best you can do is to use the specially designed software to repair the corrupt file. i.e PDF repair tool. 
  4. Yahoo restriction:  Yahoo does not accept the files whose name has any special character, sign, and number. So, make sure that the file you are trying to upload or download, that’s name meet the rules of Yahoo. 
  5. File size: What you may not be aware of, Yahoo accept the attachment of the file of 25 MB only. If the limit exceeds, then it may result in getting you attachment issue. Check out the size of the PDF file. 

Other points to bear in mind about how to fix the PDF attachment issue in Yahoo email

 Apart from the above mentioned main reason and solution on how to fix the PDF attachment issue in Yahoo email, there are some more sub reason which indirectly invite the PDF attachment-related issue. You must consider the following factors before approaching Yahoo support. 

  1. Antivirus and firewall obstruction: Though the antivirus and firewall are dedicated to protecting the account of the users, sometimes it may spark the problem. If everything looks good to you but still getting PDF attachment issue, at this turning off the antivirus and firewall may prove to be extremely helpful. Later on, you can turn on the antivirus and firewall. 
  2. Outdated JavaScript and Adobe flash: Another root cause of getting  PDF related issue may be having an old version of JavaScript and Adobe Flash. So, take a minute to update both programs. 
  3. Cookies and cache memories: Excessive cookies and cache memories most often result in slow performance of the device and software. Therefore, to enjoy the Yahoo email services at its best level, you must delete all the cookies and cache memories. 


Well in our blog about How to fix the PDF attachment issue in Yahoo email we have covered all possible reasons for getting PDF attachment issues and their solutions. We strongly believe that the recommended points will help you a lot. But, if all efforts go in vain, you should not feel hesitation to connect with Yahoo support. You will be glad to know Yahoo support always keep working round the clock.

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