How To Fix Yahoo Error 550

How To Fix Yahoo Error 550

With a lot of cutting edge features and quality services, Yahoo! mail has left an indelible mark in the hearts of millions. 1Tb space to save email messages, Yahoo Account Key and Two-Step verification are the top three features that attracted a large number of users at the global level.

Using Yahoo! mail means using the latest features and enjoying the innovative and comprehensive solutions at fingertips. But, likewise the other digital and email services Yahoo is not completely error-proof, at some point in the time users may get some unexpected obstacles. There are a few numbers of problems that users may get and grow upset. One of such troubles is called Yahoo SMTP 550 error. This technical snag has earned a bad reputation of being the most annoying and frustrating. There could be plenty of reasons why Yahoo! mail stop working sometimes and show you Yahoo error code 550. But, if you are currently struggling with this issue, the good news is that experts have found the quick method to fix Yahoo mail error 550.

If your all efforts and attempts have gone in vain to get rid of this distressing Yahoo error, I urge you to stop panicking yourself. And read below to find a collection of steps to fix Yahoo mail error 550. Not only this, you can call our 24Hrs Yahoo customer service and get the free solutions on call.

What is Yahoo Mail Error 550?

Before you understand the quick method to fix Yahoo error 550, you must take a minute, what is Yahoo mail error 550. Experts call this issue a “Yahoo SMTP 550 Error”. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This technical feature helps to transfer the email messages among email servers. SMTP collaborates and communicates with the server and then help email message to send and receive from different devices. Yahoo error code 550 develops when SMTP codes get contamination and fail to communicate with server.

Possible Reason behind Getting Yahoo Error Code 550?

Due to the vast and complex nature of the software and email application, it is quite difficult to tell any exact reason behind getting Yahoo error code 550. Find here some most common reasons behind Yahoo mail error 550.

  • Using restricted or blocked IP address.
  • Having incorrect SMTP settings.
  • Presence of objectionable hyperlinks, malicious information and incorrect header.
  • Using VPN also invites Yahoo SMTP error.
  • Poor Wi-Fi or internet connection.
  • Sending an email message to an invalid email id may also be reason behind getting error message 550 on Yahoo.

Adverse Effects of Yahoo SMTP 550 Error

Take a look at some of the most annoying results and clues that signal the presence of such error:

  • Users can’t send or receive Yahoo emails.
  • Facing issue with Yahoo login.
  • Yahoo alerts and calendar top working sometimes.
  • Failing to download the Yahoo attachment.
  • Not able to sync contacts on Android or iPhone when Yahoo SMTP error occurs.

How to Fix Yahoo Error 550?

Find below the helpful steps to fix Yahoo error 550. By using all these steps your Yahoo account will get rid of error and start behaving normally:

  • First step is to make sure that your device or computer getting internet signals.
  • Verify the date and time setting on your device and correct them if you find something wrong.
  • Make sure that SMTP settings are correct in your device.
  • Check and make sure that your mail account doesn’t have any virus or bug.
  • Users can take assistance from the Administrator of the server.
  • Make sure that your email account is free from any objectionable content.
  • Check out to confirm that the recipients of your email message are not marking you as a spammer.
  • Identify the suspected email message and contacts. And remove them from your Yahoo mail account.
  • Still no luck, don’t be upset, you can call our 24Hrs open Yahoo tech support.


That was all from us today. In this blog, we have shared some quick and effective steps to fix Yahoo error 550. But, by any matter of chance, if above-mentioned method did not bear the desired results, you can reach our Yahoo tech support. Not only this, if your matter of concern is something else like recovery of Yahoo forgotten password or need to regain the hacked Yahoo account, our experts can help you in most professional ways.

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