How to Import Facebook Contacts to Yahoo

Import Facebook Contacts to Yahoo

There is nothing wrong with expecting amenities and convenience with quality services. After all, to offer the enhanced experience is the aim of all the top brands. And Yahoo is one of those rare brands which is famous for offering exciting features under the thick layer of security. Unlike the other email service provider, Yahoo offers hassle-free email services as well as exposes its every user to the amazing world of social media. If you like other famous social media platform like Facebook, even then Yahoo can be massively beneficial for you. I am more than happy to tell you that Yahoo lets its users Import Facebook Contacts to Yahoo in just a matter of minutes.

Losing access to the social media account due to many issues is the unwanted but frequent reality of the digital world. But, the good news is that now you can import Facebook contacts to Yahoo in just a few simple clicks. I recommend you to import your Facebook contacts and friends details to your Yahoo mail account before it is too late. Through this helping post I am going to explain the simple and short procedure to import Facebook contacts to Yahoo mail account.

Steps to Import Facebook Contacts to Yahoo

 For Facebook users to understand the process to import Facebook Contacts to Yahoo is not only important but advantageous as well. Read further down the step-by-step instructions provided below:

  • The first step is to log in to the Yahoo mail account to transfer the contacts from Facebook to your Yahoo mail address.
  • Now select the contact icon from the right and top corner of the home screen.
  • Here comes a new screen which offers a few numbers of options. Select the option which says import contacts from other accounts.
  • If you have already imported the Facebook contacts to Yahoo mail account, you can see on the screen the last date of imported contacts.
  • Click on import now tab which lays in front of the Facebook Icon.
  • Now you will get a login window. Login to your Facebook account through Yahoo account.
  • Upon successful login, the process to import Facebook contacts to Yahoo will start automatically. The process may take a few seconds or one minute. 
  • As a result of the successful importation of Facebook contacts, all contacts will appear on the left side panel of the Yahoo screen.

Note: While importing Facebook contacts if you get any error like Yahoo temporary error or anything else, you always can call our Yahoo customer service number.


Why Can’t I Import Facebook Contacts to Yahoo?

An issue like “Import Facebook contacts to yahoo is not working” not only annoying but also very common. If you are among the one who can’t import Facebook contacts to Yahoo here is the solution:

  • Make sure that your search engine browser is up to date.
  • If you are using Yahoo mobile application to import contacts, check whether you are using an updated version of the Yahoo mail or not. Do update your Yahoo mail browser, if it is not updated.
  • To get rid of the issue another best thing you can do is to clear off the cache and cookies from your device or computer.
  • Next thing you can do is to make sure that you don’t have any bug or virus in your device.
  • Sometimes window defending software or a program like anti-virus can also invite issues like that. If all the above-mentioned tips and tricks failed to solve your issue, turn off the anti-virus before you import Facebook contacts to Yahoo mail account. Afterward, don’t forget to turn on the anti-virus on your system.
  • Don’t get upset if the issue still persists even after trying all the said steps. In this state of turmoil, you can always take help from Yahoo customer service. Report this issue to Yahoo customer care to get instant and real solutions by calling us. 

 What is Yahoo Customer Care Number?

 Think of Yahoo customer care when problems like Yahoo password recovery or unable to send and receive email seem to have no end. This is the situation when Yahoo customer care comes as a great help for every Yahoo user. The number you can see on this website is the actual contact Yahoo customer care number. Call to get a solution to every problem.

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