How To Recover Deleted Yahoo Email? Retrieve Deleted Email From Yahoo

How to recover Yahoo deleted emails

Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Have you lost an important Yahoo email? Don’t know how to recover deleted Yahoo email? Worry not! In this helpful post, we are going to discuss everything about the possible ways to retrieve lost, missing, and deleted emails from Yahoo. As you continue to read this quick helping post, you will also learn how to move the deleted email messages from trash box to main inbox.

In case you don’t have time and patience to read this post, feel free to contact our Yahoo customer service. Experts available at customer support can help you to retrieve deleted emails from Yahoo with ease of mind. Else, keep on reading this post and educate yourself

Here’s a question we just got from one of the Yahoo users who accidentally deleted his email. 

Question: Hi, I am Santo Jones from Texas. A few days ago, when I was deleting unwanted emails from my Yahoo mail account I happened to receive an email offering me a job in response to the interview I gave last week. In the email, I was told to reply within the next 5 days with some documents attached. It took me 3 days to arrange the required documents. With excitement when I logged in to my Yahoo email and navigated to my inbox to find and reply to the email, I felt a shiver down my spine as that email was no longer available in my Yahoo mail inbox. I checked again and again but did not find that important mail. Now I think I have deleted that email accidentally. My question is – can I retrieve my deleted Yahoo email? If yes then how? 

Can you recover old deleted Yahoo emails?

This is quite a legitimate question as every day several thousand people accidentally delete their email messages. Different email services have put in place different terms for getting back the lost and deleted email messages. But, lucky are those people who use Yahoo mail! Why? Because with Yahoo, it is definitely possible to recover a deleted email.

According to the latest updates, Yahoo lets the users recover the lost emails which were deleted in the last 7 days. Hence, Santo Jones from Texas was able to recover his deleted email from Yahoo. The same thing you also can do. By that I mean, you also can submit a request to restore your deleted Yahoo email if it has not been more than 7 days.  

How to request the restoration of an email from Yahoo? It might be your next question. Frankly speaking, your first question should be how to find and restore the deleted email on your own. Yes, you also can restore the old deleted Yahoo email. Let’s not forget that whatever email we delete intentionally or accidentally they all remain saved in the trash box of Yahoo for seven days. So, the idea here is to find and undelete them before contacting Yahoo customer service before it is too late. These are the steps:

  • Login to your Yahoo email account.
  • Now from the left side panel, select the trash box. 
  • After that scroll down and up to find and select the deleted email. 
  • Then, move back the deleted email to the inbox. 
  • Now navigate to your Yahoo inbox to get access to it. 
  • Go to the Yahoo mail restore page in case you don’t find the required email in the trash box. 
  • Select “Send a Restore request”. 
  • Right from here follows the onscreen instructions. 
  • Yahoo will prompt you to describe the problem, mention the time, your Yahoo email id, etc. 

How to recover deleted Yahoo emails from months ago?

How to recover permanently deleted emails from Yahoo? How to recover deleted emails from Yahoo after 30 days? I get this question whenever I say Yahoo email users can recover their deleted and missing emails. But, it does not mean that one can recover his deleted emails from Yahoo after two or ten years. 

Be informed that Yahoo takes the backup of deleted emails for only some days. And what’s more important to understand is the fact that Yahoo doesn’t take the back of all emails. Just to be more precise, Yahoo doesn’t take the backup of emails that land in the spam box. In addition to that, all emails related to marketing, promotions, offers, discounts, coupons, and deals also couldn’t be recovered.

Now coming to your main question – How do I recover deleted emails from Yahoo after two years? You can’t recover the deleted Yahoo email after two years or a month unless you have third-party backup software.

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