How to Recover Yahoo Password Without Phone Number and Alternate Email Account

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In Today’s life technology is getting so advanced. In this advanced technology, our yahoo is also get advanced with their security and privacy and Recover Yahoo Password without phone number and alternate email is quite hard.
No need to worry our this guide will help you to get regain access to your yahoo email account back without phone number and alternate email.

To know how to recover and get back your forgotten yahoo email ID or password follow the steps mention below might be these steps can help you to get back access of your forgotten yahoo Email account or password.
So let’s get started you can easily reset or regenerate the password of your yahoo account easily by the help of using any of your computer or smartphone. The process of yahoo account recovery information can include your email or phone number that you have added during the registration of your yahoo account. You just need one of these account recovery options to verify yourself as an owner of the yahoo account. Down below there are some instructions that will guide you on how to reset the password of your yahoo email account without phone number and alternate email.

Step 1:-

Open any of your browsers on your computer or in your smartphone and go to the yahoo login page once you get the yahoo login page search for the option says recover account or reset the password the click on that button after that enter your Yahoo email in the promoted field and click on next button.


Step 2:-

On your screen now you can see the page where you will be prompted to enter your password. You need to click on I forgot my password option as mentioned there. Once you are done with that you can see the next screen where you will be shown account recovery options.


Step 3:-

If you can see your recovery options and you don’t have these recovery options anymore in this case the situation is quite hard for you because if you don’t have access of your any of your recovery options you can’t get the access of your yahoo account this easily.


Step 4:-

Now the steps you have to follow that check the registered number if you still have it or not if you don’t have the number check for the email if you have the access of your recovery email after that you can easily get the access of your yahoo account.


Step 5:-

If you have access to your recovery email account then you have to go to the yahoo login page and click on forget password and enter your email in the promoted box then click on next.


Step 6:-

After clicking on next yahoo will ask you to send the security code on your phone or via email click on the email option if you have the access of your recovery email login into your recovery email and check for yahoo security code.


Step 7:-

If you can get the code then enter the code and reset the password of your yahoo email account.

By following these steps if you are still not able to access your yahoo account it means your account doesn’t have any recovery options in it so in that situation you have to contact for better assistance they are available via call or via live chat as well they can answer your anytime because they provide service 24/7.

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