How to Reset My Yahoo Password Without Alternate Email or Phone Number

How to Reset My Yahoo Password Without Alternate Email or Phone Number


These days generally yahoo users keep lots of password for accessing various sites but in case you have forgotten your account password of Yahoo Email account, it could give you the troubles. For this, you don’t have to get worried as you can easily recover it via the associated alternate email address or phone number. you don’t have any other backups, Yahoo will verify your individuality and recover it quickly.
Yahoo Email users can easily reset or recover their password by implementing these steps mention below:

By simply using the Account Recovery Page:

Step 1:-

You need to visit the Yahoo Account Recovery page in case you don’t remember the password of your Yahoo email account, and you have just an email address or a phone number linked to an account, In case you don’t have both of these linked with your account, check to see the next way.

Step 2:-

Simply visit for starting the process.

Step 3:-

On the other hand, you need to load the Yahoo page and enter your email and click on continue.

Step 4:-

Now you have to choose the recovery option like if you have registered any email account or any kind of phone number or else it will ask you for the phone number.

Step 5:-

Afterward, you need to enter the verification details. If you have chosen to get a verification code over the phone call or text, Yahoo users will be asked to enter it. On the other hand, in case you have a recovery email sent to an alternate account, hit the link in the email that you have obtained in your yahoo account.

Step 6:-

Finally, create a new yahoo password. Quickly just after entering the code or hitting the link or else code will be written on email, users will be asked or creating a new yahoo password. Just enter it twice for confirming the same after that click on the change password for carrying on.
With the help of these steps, you can very easily reset the password of your yahoo account. In case you found complexities, you need to quickly get in touch with our certified Yahoo technicians professional team. Our Certified yahoo expert technicians will rightly assist you in proffering the hassle-free tech support solutions.

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