How to Resolve Yahoo Email Attachment Issues

How to Resolve Yahoo Email Attachment Issues

No doubt, in today’s fast pacing world, email has become an important means of communication. From one-line message to long detailed information including multiple images, short videos, and documents everything easily could be sent within a matter of a few minutes. It is relevant to say that email communication has taken digital communication to a whole new level.  But, there comes a time when things may not happen as you think. 

We know how bad it feels when you have to send an email but get stuck in the middle of the process due to the unexpected appearance of some attachment issues. 

When a user attaches a file before sending an email, a bar comes into view which moves ahead as per the speed of downloading. Once the download completes, a file name shows up with the size of the file in the bracket. When downloading fails, attachment also fails. On the other hand, many times attachment occurs successfully, but problems occur on the receiver’s end. Many time receivers cannot download the attached file or sometimes fails to open the attached file. 


Restrictions from Yahoo, browser, applications, and the device may result in getting an error related to email attachment or sometimes obstacles come from technical failure. 

If you are dealing with any Yahoo email attachment issue, this blog will come as a great help for you. So, let’s unfold the procedure about How to resolve Yahoo email attachment issues


Steps about How to resolve Yahoo Email attachment issues


In case if you’re facing a challenge while attaching a file to your email or while downloading the attachment, can do the following things to get rid of it. 


  1. Inappropriate file name: It means, Yahoo has made some rules for naming the file. As a result, when users put any special character like #,@,$,%, or * symbol, the attachment will fail. Make sure that the file name has no special character. 
  2. Excessive file size: Yahoo allows users to attach the file of size up to 25 MB. Trying to attach a file of more than 25 MB size will make the attachment failure. Check that the file size is not more than 25 MB. 
  3. Unapproved or outdated browser/application: Using an unapproved browser or old version of the browser may invite the file attachment issue. Using the latest browser and application is highly recommendable. Similarly, make sure that you have updated javascript & Adobe Flash enabled in your device. 
  4. Anti-virus issue: In many cases, experts have found that sometimes antivirus also makes difficult the process of the email attachment. Try to attach the file after turning off the antivirus temporarily then turn it on.  
  5. Too many active programs: Many users, in order to carry out multiple jobs, work on many software simultaneously. On top of that, many closed programs also keep working in the background apart from the window updates. As a result of all running activities, email attachment sometimes becomes problematic. So, it is better to close all the software, tabs, and turn off the updates before attaching the file to Yahoo email. 
  6. Cache and cookies: If all above-mentioned tips don’t work out, removing the cache & cookies memories may do wonder. Then restarting the device and sign-in again on Yahoo account will be extremely helpful. 
  7.  Technical issue from Yahoo: In rare cases, technical issue due to various reasons, may also spark the email attachment issues. In such a case, taking the help of Yahoo customer service is a good idea.  
  8. Encrypted attachment: what you may not be aware of that, Yahoo does not support the encrypted file attachment. As a result, the file which is encrypted cannot be open from the receiver’s end. 


Conclusion: We believe all the instructions that we have given in blog about How to resolve Yahoo Email attachment issues, will meet the expectations of all users. Yahoo email file attachment and file downloading both issues you can resolve with above-mentioned simple steps. However, if all efforts turn out to be insufficient, users can reach to Yahoo support for reliable and instant assistance. 

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