How to Search & Sort Emails in Yahoo

How to Search & Sort Emails in Yahoo

Do you receive numerous emails every day? If yes, then the chances are high that once in a while you must struggle to find any particular email. The sad truth is that sometimes to find any required email may cause you to feel exasperation. Even more so, as a result of a delay in finding any particular email, your work may adversely be affected. But, if you are a proud user of Yahoo, you will be glad to know that you can search & sort emails in Yahoo in a few simple clicks. Thanks to the smart interface of Yahoo which is also user-friendly and customer-oriented. 

However, most of the email users would be aware of the process about How to search & sort emails in Yahoo, but new users may be in doubt when it comes to organizing and managing the email in Yahoo. If this is the case with you, we urge you not to worry at all. By reading this comprehensive post, you will come to know about the simple and short ways of searching and sorting emails in Yahoo. 

With the help of understanding the answers to the following questions, you will thoroughly learn the procedure to search & sort emails in Yahoo.        

  • How to search for email in Yahoo?
  • How to search an unread email in Yahoo?
  • How to search a lost email in Yahoo?


How to search for email in Yahoo? 

Most often, a need to search an email arise every now and then. Carrying forward the legacy of being a customer-oriented company, Yahoo has inducted the most simple and short way to search any email out of the huge collection of emails. With the help of the following method you can find any email. 

  1. Log in to your Yahoo email.
  2. Once you land to the home screen of the Yahoo email, you will get a search bar. Click inside the search bar. 
  3. Now to retrieve any email, you can type the email address of the sender, name, subject line or the keywords as well. 


Note: If you don’t find the required email, check your spam email and additional folders. If still, you don’t find that email, calling the Yahoo customer service is the only available option.     


How to Search an Unread Email in Yahoo? 

Reading all the emails at one time is not that simple as it sounds. Due to the lack of time, there may come a chance that you can’t read all the emails that you receive in a day. But, leaving any email unread in the inbox may cause you problems in the future. And with each passing day the more email you will get the dipper the old unread emails will set in. If this is the case with you, even then you don’t need to worry at all because with the help of the following step you easily can find the unread emails in Yahoo. 

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo mail account. 
  2. Once you successfully log in, upon a careful look you will see the option of sort with an icon of the down arrow. 
  3. Take the mouse to the sort option and click on the down arrow. 
  4. Once you click on the down arrow, a drop-down menu will come to your view. Select the unread.
  5. As a result of selecting unread, all the unread emails will come to your view. Now you can read all the unread emails and stay up to date. 


Note: Spam emails are better to leave unread in your inbox. Opening and reading the Spam or junk email may pose a threat to the security of your Yahoo account. If you don’t want to be part of any problem, get in touch with the experts of the customer service by calling at Yahoo phone number +1855-429-1222 and get rid of the spam email


How to search a lost email in Yahoo?

Searching for a lost email is not that easy as searching an unread email. Any email could be called lost email if you have deleted that email by mistake or you cannot find the email with the help of a simple search. Trying to find lost email may be a matter of serious concern. But, the amazing fact of the matter is that whenever someone deletes any email, the deleted email goes to the trash box and exist there for a few weeks. Take a serious note of that the deleted emails remain in the trash box for some time only, after crossing the deadline, a deleted email will automatically be deleted. Once the email is deleted from the trash box, then it may be difficult to find that email. In such a case, if someone can help you, that is the expert of the Yahoo customer service. By the way, before you approach the Yahoo customer service, the below steps are worth considering: 

  1. Get log-in to your Yahoo email account. 
  2. Type sender name, keywords, subject in the search bar and click on the search icon. Check if you find the required email. 
  3. If you don’t find the email, the next step is going to the trash box.
  4. Type the name of the sender or email address in the search field. 
  5. If you don’t find the wanted email, only and last option is to ask for assistance from the Yahoo customer service through the help page of Yahoo or for instance solution reach to the representative of the Yahoo customer service.   


As you have read the whole post about search & sort emails in Yahoo, we believe you will find the email that you are looking for. However, we left no room for any kind of confusion, but even then if any doubt left in your mind, Yahoo Customer Service is just one call away from you.

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