How to set up a vacation message in Yahoo

How to set up a vacation message in Yahoo

Travel is an integral part of life. No one knows, when destiny will open the door to a long or short journey. whatever may be the journey, either long or short, domestic or international, if the journey is a kind of family one or with friends, then the chances are high that you would like to put your professional email address to rest temporarily and enjoy each moment of the holiday to the fullest level. It’s really amazing to enjoy every second of travel and journey. But, putting an email account to rest doesn’t mean not to have login during a vacation period or ignore all the emails that you receive during the trip. Setting up a vacation message is the best solution that you can do. If you are a Yahoo user, you will be glad to know that in a few clicks you can easily set up a vacation message in Yahoo.


Setting up a vacation message during the period of fun and entertainment will benefit you in multiple ways like the email senders through an auto-reply will come to know automatically as soon as they send you an email that you are enjoying the holidays. So, they will take further action accordingly without causing you much trouble. As a result, your vacation and professional work both will be intact.


This post is going to let you know the simple procedure about how to Set up a vacation message in Yahoo. And for more clarification, we will explain the below-mentioned topics so that no room is left for any confusion.        


  •  Simple steps to set up a vacation messages in Yahoo.
  •  How to turn on the vacation message in Yahoo?
  •  How to turn off the vacation message in Yahoo?


  Simple Steps to Set up a Vacation Message in Yahoo

A small thought of making things simpler and easier has contributed a lot to the success of Yahoo at the global level. In what could be called an amazing feature of Yahoo is to set up a vacation message in Yahoo mail account. This smart feature has gained world-wide applauds. With the help of the below-mentioned steps, you can set up a vacation message in Yahoo and stay stress-free during the vacation.

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo account.
  2. Click on the setting option, which is the gear-shaped in looks.
  3. Now choose the more setting option.
  4. From the drop-down menu under the tab of the personalized inbox, pick up vacation response.
  5. Click to turn on the vacation response.
  6. As soon as you turn on the vacation response, a calendar will pop up where you have to select the start and end date of your vacation.  
  7. Now, in available field type the message that you want to show your senders between the fixed start and end date.
  8. Now click on the save option.


Note: May be possible that you would not like to let know each sender that you are on vacation. So, you can set up a different message for different contacts. To set the different message for different users, you can take the assistance of the Yahoo customer service by calling them at Yahoo phone number +1855-429-1222.


 How to turn on the Vacation message in Yahoo?

Once the last date of the vacation is crossed, the auto-reply for vacation will stop to be received by your senders. But, with the help of the same process, you can exceed the end date and at the same time, you can turn on the auto-reply for vacation if it is expired. .


Note: If you want to set up a vacation message in Yahoo through your mobile phone, you are most likely to get an error. To get rid of the common errors read how to fix Yahoo error or simply call to the technical department of Yahoo customer service.    


How to turn off the vacation message in Yahoo?

It may be possible that you cut short your vacation and come back to work before the expected date. If it happens, don’t forget to turn off the vacation message. Of course, you can repeat the process and in the end, just click to turn it off and get ready to work.


To set up a vacation reply is really simple but extraordinarily helpful too. Similarly, you can enjoy the other extraordinary feature of the Yahoo like you can create an alias email addresses and block spam email as well. If you are looking for a unique feature, consulting with the engineers of the Yahoo customer service will be extremely helpful to you.

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