How to Set-up the Yahoo SMTP Server Setting

How to Set-up the Yahoo SMTP Server Setting

You might have heard a lot about SMTP settings. Maybe possible many of you don’t know what the SMTP setting is. If you are reading this blog the major chances are that you are stumbling upon some questions about Yahoo SMTP server settings like: 


 What is the SMTP server setting?

 How to find the SMTP server for Yahoo? 

 How to set up the Yahoo SMTP server setting?     


 To be curious to know something is good. And this tutorial blog about Yahoo SMTP server setting will satisfy your curiosity. Find below the answer to your questions. 


What is the SMTP server settings


The full form of SMTP is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. In simple words, we can say that SMTP settings are connected with our outgoing mail server settings. Basically, Yahoo SMTP setting is the configuration of the device and Yahoo mail account that allows the program to send email through the internet. Yahoo email works on the SMTP settings, as a result, Yahoo email services are fast and reliable. Moreover, for receiving emails Yahoo works on IMAP setting and POP settings. To enjoy the flawless services, both the settings are required to be done properly. 


 How to find the SMTP server for Yahoo? 


After login on Yahoo account, anyone can find the SMTP server setting options in the account info option which is available in the menu option. SMTP options come after the IMAP and POP settings. It means one has to complete the receiving email settings before reaching to the outgoing (SMTP) email settings.   


 How to set up the Yahoo SMTP server setting?  


 Here comes the main topic that is how to set up the Yahoo SMTP server setting?  Setting up the Yahoo SMTP server setting is a matter of minutes. Anyone can perform the setting easily by following the below-mentioned steps:


  1. As you know that the email services work on the internet, therefore, before you start applying the SMTP server settings make sure that your internet connection is working fine and then connect your device with the internet. 
  2. Login first on your Yahoo email account with your email Id and password. 
  3. Now go to the menu option which stands on the right top corner (looks like a ring shape).
  4. select the account info option and then proceed with account settings. 
  5. Here on this page of account set up, you will get an option of manual setup or additional server types. 
  6. Go ahead with choosing POP or IMAP option. This option will lead you to the POP and IMAP settings. Be informed that this is the page where you can apply the settings for IMAP and POP. These settings involve entering your name, Yahoo email address, IMAP as an account type, enter server for incoming email and for outgoing mail server and in place of username and password, enter your Yahoo email address and Yahoo mail account password.
  1. Now click on more settings, proceed with outgoing server option and then don’t forget to check my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication option. Then click on the advanced tab. 
  2. Select port – 465.
  3. Require SSL – Yes.
  4. Require TLS – Yes (if available)
  5. Require authentication – Yes. 
  6. Then click on OK. 
  7. Here ends the procedure How to set up the Yahoo SMTP server setting. 


  Some points to bear in mind about SMTP server settings 


As you have noticed that the set up the Yahoo SMTP server setting is simple and short. Though the chances are less, may be possible that you get an error. At this, before you approach the Yahoo customer service, we recommend you to consider the following step. 

  1. To overcome the error delete cookies and caches memories and for better results, you can restart the device.
  2. If the error persists, make sure that you are using an updated browser. If not, take time to update your browser. 
  3. Despite following the above two steps, if an error does not go away, contacting the Yahoo customer service may be helpful. 


  Note: In the process of applying Yahoo SMTP server settings, if you receive SMTP error No.421 contact Yahoo customer service for assistance. Maybe possible that you will have to submit your sending IPs for review to the Yahoo customer service. 


We strongly believe that by understanding the above mentioned simple steps, you will be able to set up the Yahoo SMTP server setting at your own. In case if the need for any kind of assistance related to the Yahoo email account, apart from the Yahoo customer service, for the fast and secure solution you can call us at +1855-429-1222. 

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