What is Account Key? How to Setup, Enable or Use Yahoo Account Key to Login in Yahoo Email Account without Password?

The debate over whether passwords are good for Yahoo Mail security is not going to finish, anytime soon. In this context, what matters most is the general attitude of the users. After the massive data breach, wherein millions of Yahoo account were hacked, things don’t look that promising.Yet, Yahoo is still one of the most prominent email providers. At a time, when its competitors are pushing the envelope by inducting new security elements, the email provider seems to be stuck in a different time zone. If you are having a yahoo account, the responsibility of protecting it is entirely your responsibility.

Passwords and Yahoo Account Key

Conventional and unique passwords form the first line of defense when it comes to safeguarding your account. But there is a limit to how much you can endure. Quite often, remembering the password to your mail account becomes almost a difficult proposition. Moreover, they are not completely secure.

But then, there is one more way to access your account. On that front, you use the Yahoo Account Key option, which in a way eliminates the need of a password. This in a way comes as a big relief.

In order to use the Account Key feature, you must have a smartphone that must have Yahoo Mail app installed on it. When you enable the access key, you will then receive a notification on the smartphone, which you need to approve.

As the key is sent to your smartphone, it minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and thus, keeps your Yahoo account safe and secure. If compared to passwords, the account key seems to be a nice option.

How to Setup Account Key on Yahoo?

To start with, you must have a smartphone. At the same time, you are also required to download and install the latest version of Yahoo mail app.

  • LSign in to the Yahoo mail app, by entering the correct login credentials.
  • In the next step, go to your browser and access the Yahoo Account security page.
  • Just hover the cursor of your mouse on the profile page, in order to access the account settings.
  • Choose Account Info.
  • Now select the Account Security tab and choose- See, how it works, under Yahoo Account Key.
  • You will then come across a list of mobile devices that shows where you are signed into the Yahoo account.
  • Click on the option- Send me a notification. ( next to the device you’re signed in)
  • To confirm, you need to click on the option – Yes, send me a notification.
  • You will now receive a notification on your smartphone from the Yahoo mail app. To confirm, tap Yes.
  • Go back to your desktop and click on the link- Always use Yahoo Account key. This will then set it as the default login method.

Once you confirm the whole process, you are in. Setting up the Yahoo Account Key does not look like to be a problematic area. But how are you supposed to use it?


How Can You Use Yahoo Account Key?


When it comes to using the Yahoo Account Key service, you need to do the following.

  • Log on to the Yahoo Mail Sign-in Helper.
  • Type in the username and gently press the Next button.
  • You will then receive a notification on the registered device.
  • Access the Smartphone and tap on the Account Key icon.
  • When you are done, hit the approve icon.

Although Yahoo Account Key seems to be a logical option, if you want to get rid of the password, there are some minor hassles. This feature will not work in instances, where your phone is out of coverage area or if there is no internet connection. But that’s something that has the marginal impact.

  Few Additional Tips  

While using the Yahoo Account Key feature, it is recommended to maintain extreme caution. If some hacker tries to break into the account and you tap the Yes button, everything will be lost. Instead, you can prefer to employ the service of passcodes, which largely helps to enhance the security of the Yahoo account.


You have complete freedom to use this feature. But you must do so in a sensible manner, after taking into account all the existing factors.


Yahoo Account Key- The Major Takeaways


The introduction of Yahoo Account Key signals a massive change. Of course, the basic objective is to simplify the agony of the users and on the front, Yahoo does succeed. In fact, the emphasis is more towards having a “password-free future”.


Most of the users might have a few issues with the whole proceeding. However, with time and some patience, they will surely understand the benefit. Yahoo Account Key provides to be a reliable option for all those users who have a difficult time remembering their long and complicated passwords.


In a way, with just a tap, you are now in a position to access the Yahoo account with considerable ease. Since the basic intention is to somehow access the mail account in a risk free manner, it does help.


Overall, you are left with nothing much to worry.


Any Other Confusion?


Nothing is safe unless you make it a point to adhere to the existing security protocols. You might have a difficult time, activating or setting up the whole Yahoo Account Key feature. There is nothing wrong with it.

However, problems do surface and this is where you might stumble. If you are having difficulty with the Yahoo Account Key feature, then it seems appropriate to consult the experts. On that front, you can approach the experts using the Yahoo help chat service. In doing so, you have a good chance of making quick recover in no time.

Need Help?

Here are some Important Yahoo Contact details:

Help Number: 1-877-870-4777
Call Time: 24*7
Chat with Human: Chat Now
Talk to a Person: Avialable
Company URL: https://yahoo.com
Help Center: https://help.yahoo.com