Read: How to Add Yahoo Account to iPhone Mail App?

Set up Yahoo mail on an iPhone

As all smartphone devices are launched with pre-installed email App, iPhone is not different from these. Many of us might have seen people flaunting their iOs device moving roadside or at the coffee shops or while boarding flights, but very few of them know how to set up Yahoo email account on iPhone mail App.

Though iPhone Mail App does not offer any features like a mail server, but it helps a user add multiple mail accounts on iOS mail app; alongside Yahoo, to send and receive messages seamlessly in an email app.

Can’t Add Yahoo mail to iPhone ? Here’s How We can help you

Have you ever thought of configuring Yahoo mail settings in iPhone?

Then you must have definitely tried it

Did any technical problem like Yahoo mail server down or slow internet connection keep preventing you from doing so? Or there’s any other specific reason of which we’re are unaware of.

Well, it’s not a good time to scratch the past...

Let’s move ahead and help you know how to set up Yahoo email on iPhone 6/7/8 or any other latest iOs phone device.

Various people are seen talking “ I can’t change my Yahoo password” as many of them have no idea how to perform this task for offering Y! Mail with comprehensive security.

Unable to Add Yahoo Account in iPhone with Automated Setup

Please Follow the steps below to set up Yahoo mail account on your iPhone 6/7/8 Automatically

  • Step 1. Navigate to Yahoo account security page.
  • Step 2. Look for the Accounts & Passwords option and Tap it.
  • Step 3. Now, Tap Add Account >> Yahoo.
  • Step 4. Enter the login credentials like Yahoo mail account and password.
  • Step 5. Just turn off the syncing if required (Optional).
  • Step 6. Finally, Tap Save to make changes effective.

Don’t Know How to Add Yahoo Mail Account on iPhone Manually

Please Follow the steps below to set up Yahoo mail account on your iPhone 6/7/8 Manually

  • Step 1. Open iOS Settings App by tapping the Gear icon.
  • Step 2. Tap Accounts & Password, if you’re using iPhone 6/7/8. Note: The users with old iPhone devices can tap on Mail, Contacts,Calendar.
  • Step 3. As the new slides come upfront, tap Add Account >> Other.
  • Step 4. Enter the full email address and password.
  • Step 5. Tap ‘Next’ and enter IMAP settings associated with incoming and Outgoing Mail server.
  • Step 6. Enter your Yahoo mail email address in the username and tap Next.
  • Step 7. Enable “Use SSL” as it should be ON.
  • Step 8. Enter 587 in server Port. Tap ‘Done’ to make the changes effective.

Why Yahoo Mail is Not Working on iphone?

Some of the iOS users complain that Yahoo mail on iPhone is not working. There can be certain reasons behind this:

  • Step 1. Login credentials entered, are wrong.
  • Step 2. Server downtime issues.
  • Step 3.Slow internet connection.
  • Step 4. iOS Mail App may be obsolete/outdated.
  • Step 5. IMAP settings may not be configured properly during setup.
  • Step 6. Yahoo account is deactivated or suspended.

Though Yahoo mail App on an iOs device can work as a substitute, it is confined to accessing email messages associated with Yahoo and user can’t access multiple email accounts associated with other mail servers.

In order to fix such Yahoo email problems, users have to follow the above-mentioned steps carefully to setup Yahoo Mail in iPhone through an automated or manual basis.

The Bottom Line

Some iPhone users might be thinking after going through this blog “what’s the use of setting up Yahoo email on iPhone if the emails can be accessed through Safari web browser using the same device

But many of us including you, would like to learn the smart ways in this tech-savvy world. Availing customer care help from Yahoo live chat support team is the best idea altogether Hope it will help you implement the steps to set up Yahoo email account on any of your latest iPhone devices.

The things are not that technical as it seems to you. The process to set up Yahoo mail on iPhone is quite similar to the accessing Yahoo email messages on MS Outlook on desktop upon successful configuration of IMAP settings.

Trust us, the process is completely streamlined to get the things started. Just apply the iPhone Yahoo mail settings to get the email messages accessible on iOs app.

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