How to Switch From Basic Version to Full-Featured Yahoo Email

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What you may not know is that Yahoo email comes in two versions: full-featured and basic featured version. To fulfill the need of all types of users who use different devices with a different browser to access the Yahoo email services. 

The basic version of Yahoo email is simple and offer all basic facilities in a very convenient way. But, on the other hand, as the name suggests, full-featured Yahoo email offers some cutting-edge features that basic version does not offer. Some special advantages of full features are formatting toolbar, themes, filters, photos slideshow, drag, and drop attachment or GIFs features. Moreover, Yahoo full-featured allows the option of stationery, organization of messages, and inline image attachment. This blog aims to tell you everything that you need to know about How to switch from basic version to full-featured Yahoo email. This blog will also tell you why sometimes automatically Yahoo email switches to the basic version. Before you ask for the help of Yahoo customer service, we recommend you to read this blog. Maybe you will get a solution to your problem.


Know how to switch from basic version to full-featured Yahoo email 


Switching from basic version to full-featured Yahoo email version is a matter of a couple of minutes. Anyone from anywhere can switch anytime to the full-featured Yahoo email and enjoy some exclusive Yahoo email services. The amazing fact of the matter is that the full-featured Yahoo email comes free of cost which is highly appreciable, isn’t it? So, let’s understand how to switch from basic version to full-featured Yahoo email:


  1. Open the Yahoo website which is
  2. Get login first with your valid email address and password. 
  3. Now take the cursor to the menu option which lies on the top right corner of the Yahoo email website. By the way, it resembles the shape of a gear. 
  4. Once you take cursor on the menu icon, a drop-down menu with many options will come into your view. Click on setting option. 
  5. Now you must choose a viewing email option. The viewing email option will further lead you to the next option. 
  6. Here you will get an option of mail version just below the desktop notification option. All you have to do is just select the full-featured option. 
  7. Don’t forget to click on save. Once you save the setting, Yahoo email automatically get refresh and switch to the full-featured email services. And whenever you will sign in, you will always get the full-featured Yahoo email on your device. 
  8. Always bear in mind that you can undo the setting to switch back to the simplified version of Yahoo email or you can say the basic version of Yahoo email. 


Note: There are some important points to keep in mind about switching from the basic version to full-featured Yahoo email or vice-versa.

  1. Don’t consider it as any kind of fault or error if you notice that your Yahoo account automatically gets switch to the basic Yahoo email account. Usually, it happens automatically, when Yahoo email realizes that the search engine browser is not fully supported. In order to resolve this issue update your browser rather than expecting any help from the Yahoo customer service. 
  2. Another reason for automatic shifting of Yahoo email from full-featured to basic one can be using the outdated javascript programs or corrupt javascript programs. So, you better to update your javascript and make sure that it is enabled too in your device. 
  3. Inappropriate screen resolution may also cause the Yahoo email to switch automatically from full-featured to basic version. The only solution to this problem is to maintain the optimum screen resolution of 1024*786. 
  4. Slow internet connection is another drawback that stimulates the Yahoo to switch from full-featured to basic version. Take relevant steps in the direction to improve the internet speed. If you take a serious note of all the above-mentioned factors, most probably the problem will get resolved without the intervention of any associate of Yahoo customer service or Yahoo customer care




No doubt that Yahoo full-featured email is amazing and versatile. So, as you have known everything about how to switch from basic version to full-featured Yahoo email, enable it today and take pleasure of this exclusive feature.

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