How To Whitelist An Email Address On Yahoo

How To Whitelist An Email Address On Yahoo

The purpose of using email services is to stay connected with the latest happenings all the time. To be in touch and accessible 24 hrs, people have trusted on email services because it is fast, safe and free. The fact of the matter is that email accounts have become as much important as mobile phones nowadays. But, receiving spam messages through email is the dark side of email communication. Spam emails are something that everyone hates to see in their mail inbox. However, likewise the other email service provider Yahoo also has an effective feature to curb the spam emails. But, unfortunately, sometimes in addition to the trouble of email users, occasionally important emails also get delivered to the spam folder. It could be really a big turn off to see any important mail message in the spam inbox that you were expecting to get in your main inbox. But, do you know how you can stop getting your important emails in your spam inbox? If no, this post is for you. The good news is that you can whitelist an email address on Yahoo effortlessly and get the most what matters most.

What does it Mean to Whitelist an email address on Yahoo?

Before you whitelist an email address, it is highly recommendable to know exactly what it does mean to whitelist an email address on Yahoo. Actually, Yahoo’s automatic spam controlling feature prevents some suspected email messages from getting into the mail inbox folder of the users. But, sometimes, in holy effort to restrict unwanted and worthless messages, Yahoo spam filtering feature directs the important emails to the spam folder as well. Be informed that whitelisting an email address on Yahoo is nothing but just a process to tell the Yahoo server about your important contacts. Whitelisting of all the important email contacts will enable the Yahoo server to make sure that you get every message from whitelisted contact in your inbox.

How to whitelist an email address on Yahoo?

Stop growing anxious by overthinking why you are getting your important email in your spam folder instead of inbox. To Whitelist an email address on Yahoo is the optimum solution to this problem. Following is the simple step to whitelist an email address on Yahoo.

  • Login to your Yahoo account first on your PC.
  • Now select the contacts option and choose new contact from the left side panel.
  • Here comes an add contact e-form. Take a minute to fill up all the required information.
  • Enter name, email address and mobile number of your email contacts.
  • Click on save tab to complete the email whitelisting process on Yahoo.
  •  Now you can say goodbye to all your troubles about getting emails in your spam folder.

Note: Above mentioned email whitelisting method has nothing to with stopping spam emails. You always will be getting spam emails in your spam folder and main inbox. To get a guaranteed solution, you can reach our Yahoo customer service department. 

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Benefits of whitelisting an email address on Yahoo

Whitelisting an email address on Yahoo is not only simple but also very effective. No one can’t afford an event of missing any important email. To get important messages first is the priority of everyone in this fast pacing world. Take a short notice on a few numbers of benefits of whitelisting an email address on Yahoo.

  • Never miss any important email on Yahoo.
  • Whitelisting email is editable and customizable. You always can enable and disable it.
  • It is simple to use and easy to manage.
  • Another benefit of whitelisting an email address on Yahoo is that it is free.
  • With the help of this feature, the act of managing all emails becomes quite simple.
  • It helps to keep the account neat and tidy.

Yahoo 24 Hrs Helpdesk 

Getting an unexpected result is part of the digital world. However, email services rarely get off the track but the chances always exist. Amid of high-level uncertainty available in the digital world, Yahoo 24 hrs help desk is the solution to every problem. Apart from the spam-related issue, you can call at our Yahoo toll-free customer service number to get a solution of wide-ranging problems. Free solutions are available for some critical issues like Yahoo password recovery, renewal of expired Yahoo account and more.

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