Learn How to Stop Getting Spam Emails in Yahoo

Learn How to Stop Getting Spam Emails in Yahoo

No doubt, email services always lead the users to enjoy the wide-ranging benefits. But, unfortunately, it is also true that receiving so many junk emails may take a shape of certain obstacles. If spam emails are not controlled on time, there may be a time when you could hardly see your important emails in your inbox except the irritating and worthless junk emails. You will be glad to know that as being an esteemed email service provider, Yahoo provides an effective way to control the spam emails. Anyone can stop getting junk emails to significant levels by marking the sender as a spammer without taking the help of Yahoo support.


If you are struggling with the flood of spam email in your inbox and thinking hard about how to get rid of spam emails, keep continue reading this blog. This post has been written with the aim of giving the Yahoo users valuable insights about how to stop getting spam emails in Yahoo. 

Steps about how to stop getting spam email in Yahoo 

Spam emails can be more than just a time-wasting thing. It may pose a serious threat to the privacy of the email account holder and at worst it may get hacked your email account as well. To secure the Yahoo email account from various threats, it is important to restrict the entry of spam emails. In view of the wide-ranging disadvantages of getting spam emails, it has become a matter of grave concern to avoid getting the junk email. So, let’s start to understand how to stop getting spam email in Yahoo: 

  1. The first step is to get loge-in on your favourite Yahoo email account.
  2. Click on the setting option which lies on the top right corner (looks like a gear-shaped). 
  3. Now upon careful looking, you can see the more setting option on the below right side. Click on it. 
  4. Here on this page click on security and privacy option.   
  5. Now a field of the blocked address will come to your view along with add option. To stop getting spam email to your inbox, here you can click on add and manually enter as many as unwanted email addresses which you think are spammers. 
  6. After adding all the spam email senders, you must click on save to save the updated settings.
  7.  Congrats, now you are done with the process of stopping the spam email from moving into your Yahoo account. 


Another Method to Stop Getting Spam Email in Yahoo 

What you may not know is that users can stop getting spam email in Yahoo through another way as well without approaching the Yahoo customer service. Find below the easier way of blocking the spam email senders and send all junk email to the spam box at the same time.

  1. Get loge-in first on your Yahoo account. 
  2. Now all you have to do is just select as many spams and junk email as you want. 
  3. After selecting all the unwanted email, you can see the spam option to mark all the selected email mark as the spam emails.
  4. once you move all the unwanted emails to the spam folder, the email addresses of the senders as well will be saved as the spammers in your Yahoo settings. As a result, automatically, no more email you will receive from the blocked email addresses. 


Note:- Blocking all the email addresses of the spammers is not a full-proof way of getting permanent relief from the spam emails. What you may not be aware of, the professional spammers use different email id every time to send the spam email. At best what you can do is keep marking the spammers at some regular intervals. Besides it, we recommend you not to share your own personal email Id everywhere. If you wish you can have more than one email address. one you can use for unimportant work and another you can use for only personal and importation work. Moreover, if your mind changes, later on, you always can undo the spam setting in the same way as mentioned above.


As you can see that blocking spam emails is not a big deal. Anyone can do it at his/her own without the assistance of Yahoo customer service. However, there is no guaranteed way of getting permanent relief of spam emails. There are chances to get a few spam emails in your inbox, even after blocking the spam email senders. But, the frequency and quantity of the email will be noticeably short. Feel free to connect with Yahoo customer service, if any doubt left in your mind.

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