All About Re-Built and Redesigned Ad-Free Yahoo Mail Service

Hope you’re aware of the acquisition of Yahoo by Verizon that stunned everyone globally…Yahoo with DropBox
Many experts marked it as a litmus test for Verizon as it’s quite challenging for any company to sustain the popularity of Yahoo mail.

To be surprising, it went on a positive note with Y! rolling out redesigned and rebuilt mail application for the 225 million active users. This move has actually stunned the competitors with the amazing feature set and technological stack brought in by Y!

Alongside this, the new subscription plan that has actually amazed Yahoo users; is the pro version, which is available for desktop and mobile users with ad-free inbox dashboard.

Hope.. this news has fascinated you as well.

Furthermore, there are several changes that were actually expected with the start of a new venture with Verizon - Yahoo tie up. Yahoo, now being operated; under its guardian, is about to end its contract with AT&T, as its customer use Y! mail interface to access its email inbox.

It can be quite a challenging perspective for Yahoo! to derive the new users for subscribing with email services.

Despite having a rebuilt and newly-designed email interface that is highly-responsive and nice looking, a couple of massive security breaches twice a year adversely affecting billion of users can embark negative impact on this vintage search engine & web portal.

What you actually expect from email service providers?

A secure environment to conduct personal and professional interaction by sharing vital information that is completely confidential. The online users have drastically lost trust on Yahoo as the recent data breaches are the prime reasons behind it.

“This was quite an unfortunate incident in the internet history as it never happened before in the past. Users generally prefer the email services offered by Google, which is said to be the biggest competitor of Yahoo in all terms. The Gmail services have been quite dominant since its launch and have created a milestone upon crossing the mark of 1 billion monthly active users in 2017.”

Let’s not divert you from the topic and discuss the Yahoo mail revamp that is made possible in three major steps.

Step 1:

To begin with…


Rebuilt front-end tech stack

through the open source technologies like to react, Node.js, react-intl, Redux, and others.

The major objective doing this is to make Yahoo mail service highly-responsive and faster to launch. It should needfully be doing better for low-bandwidth users.

The optimization has helped to cut down JavaScript as well as CSS code by 50% that eventually help App, responds faster than before. Searching as well as messaging also becomes much quicker unlike before.

“As Yahoo mail users are not concerned about the amendment in coding and scripts, all they want is Yahoo mail application should be working in a proper way. The rebuilt as well as the redesign of Yahoo mail interface; alongside the new feature set, has made the things work in a streamlined way.”

As per the user’s requirement, the updated look of Yahoo mail is much cleaner alike a modern app. The new inbox looking much spacious as messages reflecting on them doesn’t give any cluttered appearance.

You can now use the new color themes to customize the app and also use Emoji set that twitter actually open sourced in their messages. The new Yahoo mail has adopted techniques to make things easier for users to find any message at the earliest.

Certain features are launched by Y! Mail in the left side navigation to create folders that stores documents and photos which help you access them quickly.

Step 2:

There are few other tweaks like:

  • 1. Rich preview: This feature helps you hover over the attachments and go through the preview what is actually saved in the file.
  • 2. Search mode: With this feature, you can personalize the search settings as per the requirement to view messages.
  • 3. Redesigned settings screen: The most sought-after feature in which a bit of change can automatically update the App.
  • 4. Accessibility Improvements: The revamped Yahoo mail interface actually offer support for NVDA as well as voiceover screen reader. Other than this, the options for light-sensitive and low vision readers are also offered by redesigned Yahoo mail.

Step 3: Yahoo Mail Pro with Ad-Free Interface

The introduction of Yahoo Mail Pro has brought a major impact worldwide with the Ad-free interface available for the user’s convenience. The annual subscription is something that needs to be paid by subscribers upon availing email services.

The subscription charge starts from $3.49 per month and the annual subscriber have to pay $34.99 yearly after availing 15% discount. The users can also avail mobile-only versions starting from $0.99 per month to $9.99 per year.

The most significant thing that needs to be noticed is support for Yahoo mail pro is offered to both desktop and mobile users. This ad-free version of Yahoo mail is now available globally including United States, Canada, and other English countries.

In case, you find any problems while using rebuilt Y! mail interface with new design, then it’s better to contact Yahoo Live Chat online support rather than making wrong attempts that may make the scenario more complex.

Need Help?

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