Save Yahoo Email To The Computer

Save Yahoo Email To The Computer

Keeping all the important things at a safe place is a highly praiseworthy step to do. Especially, amid the high-level uncertainty prevailed in the digital world, taking care of email account and important email is extremely crucial. You might be aware of the fact that just three years ago, the world left in amaze when the hacking reports of Yahoo email account made the headlines at the global level. As a result of which millions of people lost their account and important emails. People who had not downloaded the email or kept backup of the email landed into big trouble at that time. From that day on, taking a lesson from this terrible experience, most of the email users started to download their emails to their computers. We recommend you to do so if you don’t. And if you are not aware of how to save Yahoo email to the computer then you must take two minutes to read this comprehensive blog for hassle-free emailing experience.

To make all the Yahoo users proficient and competent, this article will describe the following topics:

  • Does Yahoo email save to the computer?
  • How to save Yahoo email to the computer?
  • How to take backup of Yahoo emails?


If you don’t want to be part of any problem in the future keep reading this post.


Does Yahoo email save to the computer?

As you know that Yahoo is an internet-based service. Most often, people use the world-class service of Yahoo to check the email online online. So, automatically, Yahoo emails don’t save in the memory of your computer. But, it does not mean that Yahoo email can’t be downloaded to your computer. Of course, Yahoo allows its users to download the email from a Yahoo account to the user’s computer in a few clicks.


Note: If you want to configure the POP and SMTP settings to download the Yahoo emails to your PC, call the Yahoo customer service or helpdesk. 


How to save Yahoo email to the computer?

Saving any email to the computer is a little tricky. But, anyone who doesn’t have much technical knowledge can do so with the help of the following simple steps. Otherwise, another better option is to take the assistance of the engineer from the Yahoo customer service.

Before you start to follow the below-mentioned steps, make sure that your Yahoo account is linked with any email client application like outlook which tops the list.

  1. Login to your Yahoo account.
  2. Now go to the account info option.
  3. Choose the account security option.
  4. Turn on the option of allowing apps that use less secure sign in.
  5. Now open outlook and select add account option.
  6. Type your Yahoo email address in the field and proceed with advance option.
  7. Here on this page go with setting up my account manually and go ahead with selecting connect.
  8. Pick up POP and the type your Yahoo email’s password and then further click on done.
  9. Move to file tab option and then proceed with account settings.
  10. Choose data files.
  11. Choose your Yahoo mail account and go ahead with selecting open file location.
  12. Now do right-click over the selected file copy and paste it in the folder wherein which you want to save it.
  13. To select the emails that you wanted to download, select the file tab and choose open and export option in outlook.
  14. Now choose open outlook data file.
  15. choose the email that you want to copy and repeat the procedure.


Note: If you don’t know how to link the Yahoo account to the email client application like thunderbird or outlook, you must call the Yahoo customer service at Yahoo phone number +1855-429-1222.


How to take backup of Yahoo emails?

It is highly appreciable that you are thinking to make a backup of all your Yahoo emails. Yahoo as being a top-player in the arena of the email services, allows its users to create a backup in a few simple steps. Read how to take backup of Yahoo emails .


Note: Be informed that once the emails are deleted, creating backup is not possible. But, the technical experts from Yahoo customer service can help you to recover all the deleted email. This the Yahoo phone number +1855-429-1222. Call them and enjoy the wide-ranging benefits instantly.


You might have realized that downloading the emails from Yahoo mail accounts is a bit tricky. So, we recommend you to enjoy the benefits of 24*7 Yahoo customer service.

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