What does it take to Delete Yahoo Account from Mac iOS and Windows 10 Mail App?

Wondering what does it take to delete the Yahoo account from Mac iOS and Windows 10? Create Yahoo Account
To be precise, it isn’t exactly a difficult procedure. To start with, it all comes down to following a series of steps that are rather easy to follow.

Even before, making an attempt to delete your Yahoo mail account from Mac iOS and that of Windows 10, consider the ramifications, arising out of this action. Of course, there must be certain reasons behind this move.

The Reasons for Deleting Yahoo Account

  • Due to the surge in the numbers of hacking incidents, targeting those with Yahoo account.
  • Yahoo security measures are not really up to the mark.
  • Other email platforms offer more value in terms of service and features, which is missing in Yahoo.
  • You are no longer using the email account

Perhaps closing the Yahoo account might appear to be a nice move on your part.

Now the most difficult part. So, how are you going to delete the account? Lets, start the proceeding by getting to know the steps.

As your main objective is to delete Yahoo from Mac iOS as well as Windows 10, the procedure is bound to differ. Both the platforms have their own set of preferences and settings. So, the procedure is unlikely to be similar.


1. Procedure to Delete Yahoo Account from Mac iOS

Method #1
  • Access the mail app on your device and from the top menu select Mail.
  • From the drop- down menu, click on Preferences.
  • Choose the email account, which you want to remove from the Mac iOS. In your case, select Yahoo.
  • Now, click on the “-” symbol, which you can find at the bottom left.
  • Confirm the delete action by clicking on the OK button.

Method #2

The steps elaborated below clearly outlines what you have to do to remove a Yahoo mail account from Mac OS X.

  • Proceed towards Apple’s main menu and select System Preferences.
  • Now, select Internet Account.
  • From the menu that appears, select the account you want to delete from the Mac OS X.
  • Next, click “-” symbol that you will find at the bottom.
  • Click on the Ok button to confirm that you want to delete the account.

Going by the steps associated with the task, it does not seem you will have any major issue. In case, you do find the going tough, then it makes sense to contact Yahoo customer care service via toll-free phone number.


How to Delete Yahoo Account from Windows 10 Mail App?

If it comes to a point, where you are looking for a way to delete Yahoo account from Windows 10 mail app, you are not necessarily required to take any undue stress. For your convenience, the brief guide describes all that you have to do to achieve the objective.

The steps mentioned below are designed for Windows 10 Mail App.

  • Access the mail app from the Cortona search box.
  • When you are inside the Windows 10 mail app, look for the gear icon that is located right below.
  • When you click on the gear icon, it will open up a new panel for settings.
  • Under the Settings option, click on Manage Accounts.
  • It is here that you will come across all the mail accounts that you had added to the mail app.
  • As you are interested in deleting the Yahoo account, click on it.
  • The settings for Yahoo account is then made accessible. To move further, click on the option that says Delete account.
  • You will be asked for confirmation. Click on the Delete button and you are done.

Judging by the steps in question, you won’t face much of an obstacle, while trying to delete the Yahoo account from Windows 10 mail app. The procedure is not as exhaustive, as it is made out to be.

In between, you might confront a few technical issues that can be somewhat difficult to handle. In such a scenario, you can contact Yahoo customer care to speak with experts with the aid of a dedicated phone support number.


Yahoo Customer Support You Can Relate to

Much of the Yahoo technical issues are difficult to handle, owing to your lack of knowledge. Besides, the official Yahoo help center page and the community forums fail to respond to your queries.

So, the best advice would be to consult the independent experts from third-party tech support sites. Just make use of the dedicated support number and you will never have to look at other constraints. It is easy, simple and something you can relate to.

In the event of any confusion, make sure to approach the proficient technicians, to get a better perspective on the matter.

Need Help?

Here are some Important Yahoo Contact details:

Help Number: 1-877-870-4777
Call Time: 24*7
Chat with Human: Chat Now
Talk to a Person: Avialable
Company URL: https://yahoo.com
Help Center: https://help.yahoo.com