Manage Third-Party Access on Yahoo | Simple Steps & Stay Safe

Manage Third-Party Access on Yahoo in Simple Steps & Stay Safe

The importance of data collection could be gauged from the fact that nowadays whenever we sign up for anything online, apart from other demands the service provider always asks for permission to read email messages & contacts. And users left with no option, most often end with granting permission to the third-party application without thinking twice. No doubt allowing email access to the third-party application may bring you some benefits. But, the bitter truth is that allowing access to the third party may also invite a few numbers of problems. Hence, it is quite important to control & manage third-party access on Yahoo.

If you are also a proud user of Yahoo! email and don’t want to compromise with your email account this post is for you. In this post, we are going to discuss how you can remove or manage third-party access on Yahoo! mail. If you have found unusual and suspicious activity on your Yahoo! email account, we recommend you to get in touch with Yahoo! customer support and make them aware of the recent development. It is good if you have not found any doubtful activity on your account. But, still, you must read this post further down to stay safe and secure in the future.

How to find which apps are connected to my Yahoo account?

Before you know how to remove permission to third-party apps from Yahoo mail, you must know how you can check and find the third party who has access to your personal or professional Yahoo! email account. So, let’s check out the simple method to find who can see your email secretly even without your knowledge:

  • Login to your Yahoo! account.
  • Drag the cursor to the right side of the screen and click the gear-shaped icon.
  • If you are using Yahoo! mail app, press the menu icon and then select the manage accounts tab.
  • Now on both app and site, you will get the same option of Account info. Go to this option.
  • Then, here from the left side panel pick up the recent activity tab.
  • Now search for the option where is written “Apps connected to your account”. Open it to find whom you have given access to read your email and contacts.
  • Please note that whom you have given access to read your email, they can literally read all your email and use the collected information for marketing purpose and generating leads.

How do I Revoke Access in Yahoo Mail?

If you have not found any suspicious activity on your email account, still we recommend you not to take the risk. More specifically if we talk about the safety and security of the email account, you must always keep your email account out of the reach of uncertified and less reliable third-party entities. On the other hand, if you have found the slightest symptoms of unauthorized access or suspicious activity in your account, you must revoke access given to the third-party from your Yahoo! mail account. Follow these steps to remove access in Yahoo! mail.

  • Repeat the above-mentioned steps till you get the recent activity tab.
  • Now find the name of a third-party who can see your emails.
  • Click on the remove tab available next to it to revoke its access from your Yahoo! mail account.
  • You may have to enter your password or verification code for successful changes. 
  • After successful revoking of permission to read your emails, the security of your account will grow better. 

Final Thoughts

This is how simply you can secure your Yahoo! email account by removing the third-party access in Yahoo email. We are sure; you will find all the above-mentioned steps quite helpful and effective. To secure your Yahoo! mail account, you can enable Two-Step verification and Yahoo! account key. For more information, feel free to connect with the experts of Yahoo helpdesk.

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