Want to Remove Your IP Address from Yahoo Blacklist

Want to Remove Your IP Address from Yahoo Blacklist

Are you wondering why you can’t send or receive email messages to and from your Yahoo! email account? Maybe you can’t login to your Yahoo! mail account as well. If you have checked everything including settings, device and internet connection but found no error anywhere then the chances are high that something might have gone wrong with your IP address. But, if you receive a message on the screen that your IP address has blacklisted, you must read this post. With the help of the easy and simple steps available here you can remove your IP address from Yahoo blacklist.

Not only this comprehensive post, you also can take direct assistance from the Yahoo! customer support. Nothing is difficult for the experts available at the Yahoo customer service. But, as a smart email user, there are a few things to do for IP blacklist removal on Yahoo! mail. So, let’s begin the Yahoo! email blacklist removal tutorial.

What Does It Mean When IP Address is Blacklisted?

If you don’t know, let me tell you that IP stands for Internet Protocol. It is nothing but just a unique code made of numerical numbers and dots. People from different locations and devices have different IP numbers. It helps to connect your device with the servers. As you know that at this point of time cyber-crime & suspicious activities are on rise. Hence, all the internet services providers have hardened the terms of services to make their platform better, friendly & harmless.

When any user violates the terms of services, most often he ends with getting his IP address blocked. There could be a few more reasons as well which I have mentioned below.

Why Yahoo! has blocked My IP Address?

According to the experts, Yahoo! has not made clear the working procedure of their email filtering feature. But, there are some well-known factors that may prompt Yahoo! to block your IP-Address.

  • Not abiding by the policy of Yahoo!
  • Sharing objectionable email, content, link, images, and video.
  • Sending promotional, advertisement and marketing messages unethically.
  • Spreading Spam, junk, virus and bug through email.
  • Sending too many email may also attract a temporary or permanent ban on your IP-Address from Yahoo!.
  • Upon receiving so many complaints against you from the other users can also lead you to have your IP number blacklisted.
  • Sometimes using VPN services to change or hide your location may also result in the ban on IP-Address.

How to Know If My IP is Blocked from Yahoo!?

There could be so many indications that imply the uncomfortable truth of having a blacklisted IP-Address. A few number of symptoms are these:

  • Can’t log in to Yahoo email & getting a message saying that your IP address is blocked.
  • Unable to send email messages from your Yahoo! account and getting failed delivery reports of emails.
  • If you get a message like this: 421 4.7.0 [TS01] Messages from <> temporarily deferred due to user complaints <> ;see http://postmaster.yahoo.com/421-ts01.html It means you IP-Address has blocked.
  •  Sometimes you can find a message that reads ” Connection is not acceptable from your IP-Address because this IP number is in Spamhaus’s list. 

Steps to Remove Your IP from Yahoo Blacklist?

How to unblock IP address? This question has become the most frequently asked question over the internet. So, here we are proud to answer this hot question. You can consider the below-mentioned steps to recover your IP-address from the Yahoo! blacklist.

  • Spamhaus helps Yahoo to keep a close eye on spamming. You can take help of Yahoo! experts available at the IP-Address blacklisting department.
  • If you are into any kind of business and want to send the email messages in bulk, you must meet the formalities and fill up a dedicated form to get the approval.
  • Make sure that DKIM is working properly and SPF is valid.
  • Check out your hostname and make sure it has an A record.

Final Words

This post explains how you can remove your IP Address from the Yahoo blacklist. We are sure you will find all the details quite helpful and effective. If you follow all the said instructions, surely you will recover your IP-Address from the blocked list of Yahoo!. For more information, you can get connected with the Yahoo representatives.

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