What is Yahoo POP Setting

What is Yahoo POP setting

Communication through email has become a crucial part of everyone’s life. Nobody can even think of spending a day without sending or receiving the email. Whether it is personal life or be it professional life, email has become an integral part of life. From sending a one-line message to the huge collection of data, nothing is a better option than email. In recent years, a high-level of advancement has been noticed. Probably, email is among the most important technologies ever created in the spectrum of communication. Behind the drastically development of the email services, Yahoo has contributed a lot. Yahoo has touched the hearts of millions with its fast, secure and reliable services. In the 90’s it was the choice of everyone.

Yahoo POP setting is also known as Yahoo mail POP server setting. With the help of the Yahoo POP setting, you can enjoy all the features and advantages of the various email service providers at the same place without much effort. It means you can carry on with all your old and new email account as well as professional and personal. If you use more than one email ID apart from Yahoo, this post is for you. Find the set of some beneficial information about the Yahoo POP setting.

Does Yahoo use IMAP and POP?

Yes, Yahoo does have IMAP and POP setting feature. For your information, IMAP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. And POP stands for Post Office Protocol. Yahoo POP setting is the best way to use Yahoo mail. And POP setting helps to download the email of other services. Even more so, the user can delete or move emails without much effort and problems. Access to Yahoo mail server setting or Yahoo pop setting is quite simple. With the help of the below-mentioned steps, you can access to the Yahoo POP setting.

  • Login to your Yahoo mail account with your credentials.
  • Select the menu icon from the right side of the screen.
  • Now choose account info and click account settings.
  • Here comes a screen to apply the manual setting.
  • Choose the POP tab from the setting page.
  • Go ahead with choosing the POP or IMAP option. This option will lead you to the POP and IMAP settings. This is the same page dedicated to applying the settings for IMAP and POP. Enter your name, Yahoo email address, IMAP as an account type, enter the server for incoming email “imap.mail.yahoo.com” and for outgoing mail server “smtp.mail.yahoo.com”.
  • Type your Yahoo’s email address and Yahoo mail account password.
  • Now click on more settings, go ahead with outgoing server option and then don’t forget to check My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication option. Then click on the advanced tab.
  • Select port – 465.
  • Require SSL – Yes.
  • Need/Require TLS – Yes (if available)
  • Require authentication – Yes.
  • Then click on OK.
  • Congrats as you are done with the procedure How to set up the Yahoo SMTP server setting.

Note: If you face any kind of issue, feel free to reach Yahoo customer service.

Get assistance from Yahoo Customer Service

Even today, when there a large number of other email service providers exist, Yahoo charisma is still intact. It may be possible that you are using more than one email account. If yes, I have good news for you. Now you can use your favorite Yahoo mail application to check the email of your non-Yahoo mail account. For example, you can use Yahoo to check your Gmail or Outlook emails as well. Isn’t it a great thing? All it has been possible due to the Yahoo POP setting.

Yahoo customer service is a trusted brand by millions of people at the global level. Yahoo customer service has the expertise to solve every problem related to Yahoo email. Solution through a phone call, email, and remote access is available. Call to get the solution of all major to simple issues like Yahoo password recover issue or anything else. Our software engineers and IT professionals are best in class to deal with any problem. They not only solve the issue but make sure that the problem never arises again. Satisfaction is our top priority.  

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