Yahoo Mail Not Responding: Simple Steps & Solutions

Yahoo Mail Not Responding: Simple Steps & Solutions

Just think of a situation when you are expecting to receive an important mail from your boss or client. And as soon as you log in to your email account, you found a situation that you hate most a freezing screen. Believe me every day several thousands of people go through such mind bothering experience. I know this malfunction may appear like an everyday issue but sometimes such minor troubles cause a huge loss. If you are a Yahoo mail user, you don’t need to worry because the number of such instances is significantly less in the first place. But, if your luck is bad and you just happened to be stuck in this issue, don’t worry, I am here to tell you the solution. Through this article, I will let you know the simple steps to fix Yahoo mail not responding issue.


Yahoo mail not responding issue may lead the user to a situation or can’t send or receive Yahoo emails unless the problem settles down. Yahoo mail hanging or freezing like circumstances can emerge while downloading the attachment file or changing the Yahoo forgotten password. Due to high-level complexity involved in the development of computer software and programs, it is quite difficult to tell any exact reason behind getting the issue like Yahoo mail not responding on a computer or phone. Whatever may be the reason, stop growing anxious, to resolve Yahoo mail not working issue, you can read the steps given below with other important details.


Symptoms & Effects of Yahoo Mail not working error

 An unfortunate event like Yahoo mail not working on phone or computer may result in below-mentioned circumstances:

  • Failing to login to Yahoo mail account.
  • Users can’t send or receive emails on desktop as well as phones.
  • Unable to set up Yahoo account key and Two-Step verification.
  • Getting Yahoo temporary errors.
  • Can’t manage Yahoo settings.
  • Not able to update Yahoo mail recovery details.
  • Struggling to change profile picture. 


How to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Responding Error?

Don’t get scared after reading the wide-ranging adverse effects of Yahoo mail failure. The good news is that you can solve such troubles. These are tips for preventing your Yahoo mail account from getting hanging & not responding.


Yahoo Mail Not Responding Error on Google chrome

If you are facing the Yahoo freezing problem on Google chrome, the chances are high that you are using an older version of Google Chrome. Take a minute to update your browser by doing this:

  • Open Google Chrome and click on the three vertical dots.
  • Now select help from the drop-down menu and then choose Google Chrome.
  • Here you can see whether your browser is updated or not. Take a minute to update it if it is outdated.


Yahoo Mail Not Responding Error on Internet Explorer

Internet explorer is another most famous search engine browser. People love Internet explorer because it is fast, highly responsive and bring quality search results. But, it may trigger a problem if you don’t update it at regular intervals. Here are the steps to update Internet Explorer.

  • Open the browser on your system
  • Click on the three dots available at the corner of the screen.
  • Now scroll down to find the setting tab and click on it.
  • Move down on the right-side panel to find “About this App” tab. You can see here the details about the version of internet explorer you are using.
  • Now click on Window Tab from the left and lower corner side of the screen.
  • Type and search “Update” in the search bar and click on “Check for update”
  • Select on Window update.
  • Now your browser will start to update automatically. It makes take a few seconds or minutes.


Alternative Method to Solve Yahoo Mail Hanging Error

If the above-mentioned methods don’t help you, consider the below-mentioned steps:

  • Remove all the cache and cookies data from your computer on mobile.
  • Download the update of Yahoo mail application from Google Play Store or Play Store to solve the Yahoo error on mobile phones.
  • Allow all sites to run the JavaScript from the setting tab.
  • You can restart the device for better results.
  • Make sure that your IMAP and POP settings are fine.

Note: I am sure that all the above-mentioned steps will help you to get rid of Yahoo mail not responding error. But, if you still have any difficulty, you can ring up the Yahoo customer service number. The professionals and experts from Yahoo tech support can quickly solve this issue, as well as other problems as well including Yahoo forgot password recovery, recovery of Yahoo hacked account or more.

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