Yahoo Mail Not Working On IOS and Android Device

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Yahoo has earned a wide range of customer base on the account just because of its various most recent features. Through this email specialist organization, clients can appreciate plenty of favorable circumstances directly from messaging to live video visits. Probably the best component is its flag-bearer that enables you to do continuous talk with associates, companions, relatives, and companions. Not simply this, you can uninhibitedly share pictures and different records inside a small number of segments. As it is similar to some other email service, Yahoo additionally has a few defects that need moment specialized help. Directly from yahoo email sign in issues with an account deactivation, there’s an extensive list of technical glitches that can occur with you.

Take a look at yahoo mail for android

Yahoo Mail App for Android accompanies numerous valuable highlights, particularly the following: 

1. ) Smart Search 

Search whatever you need inside your Yahoo Mail application. Search utilizing name or keyword that is associated with email account and folders. Sort results as indicated by images, messages, or documents with only a tap. 

2.) Easy and Tappable Inbox 

Practice Self Addressed Email: “Me” mail includes in the application that enables the client to send notes and reminders rapidly. Simply tap and hold the Compose button to utilize its all components. 

Ease To Access All The Email Accounts In Single Place: Easily include your other email account and toggle between these. 

Manage Email with Swipe Tap or Hold: Quickly erase or imprint messages with only a swipe, tap, and hold for mass activities. 

3.) Themes, Personalized Messages, and Functions

Modify the Appearance: Choose from the various topics and make your Yahoo Mail application show up according to your inclination. 

Control Features: Get the full oversight of how your application highlights capacities. For instance, control the left and right swipe activities. 

Easy sharing: Easily addition documents in the body of an email or essentially tap to change over them to a connection. Share all the files, images, and videos by just clicking on the attachment.

Take a look at yahoo mail for IOS

Yahoo Mail App for iOS is uniquely created to fulfill the iPhone and iPad user necessities. A portion of the numerous valuable highlights are:

Step 1:- Together with All Email Accounts at Single Place 

Access all your email account from a single place spot by adding them to your Yahoo Mail application. Gain access to all email accounts productively.

Step 2:- Search With Ease 

Quit looking through messages to locate the one you need. Yahoo Mail application comes coordinated with a smart search alternative that encourages you to search by a name or keyword.

Step 3:- Make Personalized Messages 

Don’t simply make a message, make them hotshot your character. Include pictures or documents from your devices or add online images, GIFs to make appealing and dazzling messages. 

Step 4:- Make your mailbox Sorted 

Sort your mailbox according to your inclination. The smart Yahoo Mail application for your Smartphone naturally sort messages, for example, promotion, finance, and shopping. Additionally, make a customized folder to sort messages for future reference. 

Step 5:- Get connected with Latest News 

Get the most recent news and updates about entertainment, business, breaking news and considerably more inside the Yahoo Mail application. Simply tap on the button, peruse through to discover data which wish to know. Additionally, enact warning for breaking news notwithstanding when you are not utilizing the application. 


While these are a portion of the highlights that Yahoo Mail application comes stacked for Android and iOS, there a few issues that a client may confront either time when utilizing the Yahoo Mail application. On the off chance that you are utilizing any kind of issue with your Yahoo Mail versatile application, you can take a stab at fixing the issue by adhering to the well-ordered directions gave below in this guide.


To fix the problem of cannot getting a mail on IOS and android

Stressed that your Yahoo account isn’t taking a shot at your iPhone and Android? It is without a doubt a matter of concern. In the ongoing past, you have endured a great deal because of the few information ruptures and security hacks that influence a huge number of Yahoo clients, over the globe. In any case, the issue here is to very technical in nature. 

Along these lines, your present target will be to figure out how to manage the present circumstance. The issues you are experiencing aren’t identified with any security issue. Rather, you are having an intense time getting to Yahoo mail on your iPhone and Android devices. Normally, your desired solution where you look for is difficult to acquire.

Considering the way that you stick with Yahoo mail, it doesn’t mean you will undoubtedly have a troublesome time. Indeed, there are some positive arrangements that are logically relegated to fix the disturbance, you happen to look right now. 

Definitely, you will encounter genuine blackouts in Yahoo mail application occasionally and this is one territory, which you have to take attention at. Everything specialized does have their very own arrangement of issues and it is dependent upon you to get them fixed, to your benefit.

Steps to fix cannot be getting a mail problem

To solve the of cannot getting a mail on IOS and android, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. You need to follow these steps the same as given in instruction, in order to see your desired result.

For android

1) If the application still not working on your phone, primarily uninstall it and then try to reinstall the application again. At the time of uninstalling the app, you also need to clear the cache and app data.

2) At the moment, when you changed your phone number but still using the same phone to access the yahoo email application then you have to your account settings and change the settings related to the phone number.

3) If the app faces conflict while connecting then give connect with Internet permission to the yahoo email app. 

4) To inability access, your mail account then activates two-step vitrification.

For IOS 

1) If the application still not working in your phone, primarily check is it working on desktop, if yes then reinstall the application.

2) Check if there is any device update available, if yes then download and install all the updates.

3) Remove the yahoo mail account from IOS mail and add this account again.

4) The all of the above solutions will defiantly work for both the IOS and android platform but in case if the problem still arises after the troubleshooting, then you need to concern with yahoo phone number support. 



Following steps to fix the sign-in issues


When you are not in a situation to get to Yahoo, there are a few perspectives that should be considered. Much of the time, the mail application stops or neglects to react. All things considered, in such a situation, you can take the remedial measures, which are listed below, on a well-ordered premise.  

  1. On the off chance that you had changed your old number 
  2. To get it fixed, you have to get to Yahoo on any program in your work area. 
  3. Sign in to Yahoo account. From here, continue to profile Name > Account Info > Account Security. 
  4. You need to opt to choose Phone Number and snap-on Add recovery phone number. 
  5. Now, you need to enter the new phone number. 
  6. Click on the through SMS button to get a one-time password (OTP) on your phone. 
  7. Enter the OTP in the pertinent field and hit the Verify button.

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