Yahoo Mail Outage : Thousand Users Facing Trouble to Access Yahoo Email

What thought actually comes to your mind while someone talks about problems in Yahoo mail?Yahoo with DropBox
“Why only Yahoo mail?” is something that comes out from your heart in frustration ...Is there any jinx that is surrounding Yahoo since past 3-5 years??
Yahoo actually managed to gain the trust of web users after a massive data breach. But every now and then, one or the other technical glitch makes all its efforts futile.This time, Yahoo mail outage issues have put users in disarray.

It’s quite clear that you amongst other Yahoo users are hugely disappointed with outage issues that keep coming across and hamper the completion of important tasks that are supposed to get completed on time.

But what can be done ??

Like every other day, Yahoo has no option to bring combat this issue permanently. As there is no press release made by Yahoo, some experts are saying that several steps are being taken to bring the adverse situation under control and make possible for the users to access their Yahoo accounts with any technical hiccup for a long time span.

As the server outage or downtime issues come unexpectedly, no one can be made responsible for the same but suitable backup option should be available with Yahoo as it has witnessed such scenarios several times in past many years.

Yahoo users have been reporting the problems to Twitter as it is the only medium available to let higher authorities of biggest web portal about the problems they are dealing with. Though they have launched Y! email services in the year 1998 for the convenience of users, but did not launch any official helpline number or chat support to offer Yahoo help desk service to users in terms of resolving critical issues.

Yahoo has not managed to detect the real cause of the problem which has left users nowhere as they could not access their email account for several hours. Some users have also planned to file a legal suit against Yahoo as they have suffered a huge business loss due to lack of communication with clients located overseas.

But what can be done? Though Yahoo officials have responded to complaints filed on Twitter telling users:

“We are aware that some Yahoo Mail users are currently seeing issues when accessing their emails through a Mail app.”

But this actually isn’t enough. This message clearly signifies that Yahoo is giving utmost preference to mobile users and trying to fix their problems on the first course.

What’s the fault of those PC users… who are confined to access Yahoo emails through desktop or laptop device as they are not allowed to use smartphone devices in offices?

This problem has also affected to those users who access Yahoo mails through third-party email apps such as Outlook or Thunderbird. It’s quite understood as if users are unable to access Y! Emails through the web browser, how will they can access it through email applications.

Even it is not possible for Android or iOS device users to access Yahoo messages through mail app installed on their smartphone device or tabs.

A situation has become quite horrific and Yahoo has not unveiled any latest new update in relation to the resolution of email server outage issues.

With 1700 reports already unanswered, it signifies that Yahoo has no find a proper solution till now. Though Twitter spokesperson is trying to console Yahoo users keep making reports on Y! twitter handle.

“The engineers are working to have this corrected now. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

This is what Yahoo user expect from the Yahoo technical support team available to answer queries on Twitter

But there’s a tragic end to this story without any resolution like it happens everytime as Yahoo has no answer to the questions made by users. Until and unless they focus on improvising their Yahoo mail server, nothing is expected to work in a streamlined way.

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