How to Recover a Forgotten Yahoo! mail Account Password?

Recover Yahoo Password

Are you not able to access Yahoo email account? There is a huge probability that you might be entering the wrong login credentials of Y! Mail account or problem recalling the correct ones.

The other possibility is that you have forgotten Yahoo password. It’s quite sure that you may have made several attempts to recover Yahoo mail forgot password and all your tricks failed to do so.

So what’s next. Would you still be making further attempts to recover Yahoo forgot password?

Do not engulf yourself in anxiety for failures encountered during Yahoo password recovery

Various people are seen getting panicked in such a crucial juncture as they keep asking the known ones, “I forgot my Yahoo password, Please help”. Are you one amongst them??

Table of Content

  1. Strategies to Recover Forgot Yahoo Password
    1. Recover with Phone Number
    2. Recover with alternate Email
  2. How to recover Yahoo Password without Phone Number or Alternate Email?
    1. Is It Possible to Recover with Security Question?
  3. Know: How to Prevent Yahoo Account from Email Password Hacking?
  4. Need Customer Support Help?

Let’s put some light on the reasons due to which you forgot Yahoo password. Yahoo password change is the primary reason behind this. We understand that you are quite cautious about the email account security after a data breach that happened last year.

But if you change Yahoo mail password and do not keep a note of it, then this same issue will keep cropping up on a repeated basis. You won’t be able to access the personal or official email account that may hamper the daily work schedule.

Strategies to Recover Forgot Yahoo Password

Users looking for Yahoo mail password reset need to get involved in a strategic process that is quite feasible to understand and implement.

As mentioned here, there are two major strategies that can play an important part to reset Yahoo password. For your convenience, we are enumerating those two important strategies that will help everyone know how to reset Yahoo password.

  • Strategy 1: Yahoo Password Reset with the recovery Phone Number
  • Strategy 2: Yahoo Password reset with recovery Email Address

As both these strategies come under Yahoo sign-in helper; you can take help of the same and reset forgotten or hacked Yahoo password in minutes.

Strategy 1:

Recover Yahoo Mail Password Using Phone Number

  • Step 1: Click on ‘Difficulty-signing in ?' than Provide the ‘Recovery phone number’ & press ‘continue’ button.
    Click on ‘I forgot my password’.
  • Step 2: Complete the missing 2 digit of your phone number in the empty space and press ‘continue’.
  • Step 3: Now Click on ‘Yes, Text me an account key’ under the option 'Do you’ve access to this phone'.
  • Step 4: Check your mobile as Yahoo may have sent an account key
  • Step 5: Enter the Yahoo account key in the empty box and press ‘Continue’ button
  • Step 6: Congrats Your Yahoo account is recovered Successfully. Now you can create new password or access inbox directly.

Strategy 2:

Recover Yahoo Mail Password Using Registered Email Address.

  • Step 1: Click the option ‘Difficulty signing-in’ seen below the Yahoo mail login section & than enter the ‘Recovery email address’ & press ‘continue’.
    If you seen ‘I forgot my password’ Click on it.
  • Step 2: In the next slide, If it will ask to fill the 2 missing digits of your phone, Don’t worry click on ‘I don’t remember the digits’.
  • Step 3: Now press the button ‘Send me an account key’ to authenticate the recovery email address.
  • Step 4: Check the recovery email address to see if Yahoo has sent any account key.
  • Step 5: Once found, enter the account key in the empty box & Press ‘continue’ button.
  • Step 6: Your account recovery is successful . Create a new password or access inbox mails directly with a clock on continue button

How to recover Yahoo Password without Phone Number or Alternate Email?

The large proportion of users has no access to the recovery email address or phone number. Many of them have changed their phone number as there is a natural tendency of the people in US/Canada to keep shifting their phone numbers.

When it comes to the recovery email address mentioned in Yahoo accounts of different users, many of them are inactive mail accounts. Those might have been blocked by Yahoo Inc due to certain protocols. It may be due to the limited usage by email users. The termination of Y! mail accounts on an automated basis can be one of the main reasons behind this.

Now, what happens if the Yahoo alternate email address no longer exists. In that case, users actually look to regain email access with the help of security question in Yahoo password helper.

Is It Really Possible to Recover Yahoo Password with Security Question?

The answer is NO. In last 2-3 years, many things have changed with the launch of different versions in Yahoo mail. Earlier, recover Yahoo Password with Security Question was also available as the third option with which users were able to regain email access.

Now several users, who have no access to the alternate email account and phone number provided in Yahoo account; have several questions in their mind that need to be answered. Below-mentioned are some of those questions in the enumerated form.

  • How to reset my yahoo password without alternate email or phone number
  • I forgot my Yahoo password and I have a new phone number. What to do?
  • How to recover yahoo password without any information?
  • How to reset Yahoo password without Recovery Phone Number?
  • Isn’t there any correlation between Yahoo mail forgot password and security question?

Does the Same Story Apply If Yahoo Password is hacked?

Is your Yahoo password hacked? If yes, then no need to worry. You have to imply the same process that is actually used to recover forgotten Yahoo mail password.

Is Yahoo Account Security Really Essential to Prevent Email Password Hacking?

Once you successfully reset Yahoo account password with recovery phone number or email address and recuperate hacked email account, the top priority is to enhance the account security in minutes.

But the question arises “Why update in Yahoo Mail Account Security Page is needed “?

The answer is simple, to prevent any malicious attempts by hackers.

As several people have no idea how to update Yahoo security settings, points enumerated below, can help you out in doing so.

  • Enable 2-step verification to maintain account security.
  • Enable Y! Mail account access through account key.
  • The Yahoo security phone number needs to be changed upon recuperation.
  • It’s quite mandatory to change the recovery email address password.
  • Do consider the request of Yahoo account security change password.
  • Prefer not to save the login credentials in any device available in public places.

All these need to be done accessing Yahoo account info page.

By implementing these recommendations, there is no way that Yahoo mail security issue can occur again as hackers will not get any loophole to breach the email security.

As you have successfully reset Yahoo password implementing any of these strategies, just change Yahoo email password immediately in the Y! Mail App installed on Android or iOS Smartphone device.

Can Yahoo Password Reset Phone Number really be Helpful in Regaining Y! Mail Access?

Yahoo password reset phone number can actually be helpful for users in regaining back the access to an email account. It can happen only if they have provided recovery phone number during the Yahoo mail sign-up.

The verification code received from the active phone number in your featured or smart phone device needs to get validated by Yahoo to move ahead with this process of email password reset.

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