Yahoo Profile Picture: Add, Remove And Change

Yahoo Profile Picture: Add, Remove And Change

Social media is an effective way to make a presence among the millions of people at a global level. And attention-grabbing approach on the social media platform like Yahoo starts with using a cool, clear and vibrant picture. Using a charming profile picture may get you the wide-ranging benefits. From getting non-stop friend requests to the huge likes, all bliss will follow you once you add your profile picture to your social media or email account. Thanks to Yahoo! for putting a simple and user-friendly procedure for setting up a Yahoo profile picture which, in fact, is a matter of a few seconds. If you are a proud user of Yahoo but have not put any profile picture so far, we recommend you to add your own profile picture on your account and feel the difference. With the help of very simple steps, you can simply change your Yahoo profile picture. You will be glad to know that you can change your profile picture using either Yahoo application or the amazing Yahoo website.

In this post, we will let you know the two procedures to change the Yahoo profile picture.

  • How to change profile picture through Yahoo App?
  • How to change profile picture through Yahoo website?

So, take a few minutes to read and understand how to change the Yahoo profile picture. 


How to change profile picture through Yahoo App?

Yahoo App has earned the trademark of being a fast, secure and effective application at the global level. It comes as a great help when it comes to check, read and send emails. Moreover, you can stay connected with the wide-ranging social media platforms backed by Yahoo. Even more so, you can update your Yahoo profile picture with the help of the following steps:

  1.  Launch the Yahoo application on your phone.
  2. Tap the sidebar option (menu option three small horizontal lines).
  3. Select manage accounts.
  4. Press Account info.
  5. Touch the camera icon in your profile.
  6. Now here you will get two options: select photo from your stored collection of pictures or take a new one right now. Select an option as you wish.
  7. Resize or crop the picture to make it fit properly.
  8. Tap save option to save the changes.


Note: The picture attachment feature in Yahoo comes with many strings attached. While adding the picture you must make sure that the image should be in the format of JPG, PNG. and.JPEG only. And check the size of the picture which should not be more than 5MB. If the size and format of the picture are outside of the terms, you will get an error. In such a case, you can call Yahoo customer service and get a fast resolution to your problem.


How to change profile picture through Yahoo! website?

No issues, if you want to change the Yahoo profile picture through the website of Yahoo. You can add and change your profile picture with the help of these steps:

  1. Log in to your favourite Yahoo account.
  2. Take the cursor to the menu icon (gear-shaped figure).
  3. Select the Yahoo info option.
  4. Select the camera figure ( above your name).
  5. Here you will get an option to choose your favorite photos from your computer library.
  6. Don’t forget to resize the picture by cropping it.
  7. Now click on save to complete the procedure successfully.
  8. Congrats, you are done with the process of updating the Yahoo! profile picture.


Note: As per the terms of the Yahoo!, no user is allowed to use any objectionable image as a profile picture. Violating this policy may lead your Yahoo account to the permanent deactivation. Though you can recover your deactivated account by requesting on call to the technical department of the Yahoo customer service. However, the decision of accepting the request is totally subject to Yahoo customer service.


Finally in short words, it is relevant to say that updating the Yahoo! profile picture is as simple as moving a finger. Kindly bear in mind, with the help of the above mentioned method you can edit and delete your Yahoo! profile picture as well. But, in any case, if you face any challenge, the solution is just one call away from you. Dial Yahoo customer service phone number to get solutions to wide-ranging technical and non-technical issues.

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